Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mais Oui Giselle, Mai Oui!!!

More Fashion Royalty Goodies will be coming in by next week.... so it'll be XMAS in AUGUST for sure!!!! Slated to make their appearances are Dynamite Girls, a bit of the Poppy Parker Collection plus more Fashion Royalty Dolls, of course!!!

One of the dolls coming in - much to everyone's delight is the sultry "Mais Oui Giselle Diefendorf" - and as luck would have it, we have a few of her UNSPOKEN for... so be sure to EMAIL US right away - so as to not MISS OUT on this LOVELY GAL!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Geisha Look for Odeco-chan or Nikki

Was able to get a couple of sets of these LOVELY GEISHA Outfits for our FAVE cuties - Odeco-chan & Nikki... they were JAPAN EVENT SPECIALS - the sets are $55US each plus shipping... Only 2 sets available so it will be a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis....

The Set Comes with the following:
-Kimono and Belt
-Under skirt (red)
-Japanese Fan
NOTE: The wig, hair accessory and an umbrella are NOT INCLUDED.

EMAIL US: wtsrudi@yahoo.com
For More Nikki & Odeco-chan In Stock:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet the DoChine: Doll Machines

A collector friend of mine just shared with me his newest creations - DoChine Girls: Doll Machines - and they are just too cool to not share.... SEE COMPLETE PHOTOS HERE

A member of the Barbie & The Barbarians, Cholo has been creating some truly fabulous OOAK dolls that he has been sharing with his friends via his FACEBOOK account... do VISIT HERE his and see his creations... you will LOVE THEM, too....
FYI: Barbie & The Barbarians is a really cool FACEBOOK GROUP ... not only they share a LOVE for dolls and collecting - they have fun creating fabulous OOAK dolls for their monthly theme projects - with this month's theme being SUPER HEROES!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pretty Little Cuties

South Breeze Odeco chan & Nikki dolls have recently come in and we have pretty much processed and ship the Confirmed and PAID in FULL Pre Orders.... you should be getting them anytime soon....

We do have a couple of the cute Nikki dolls In Stock - so be sure to EMAIL US if interested... we also do have one or two left of the following past releases:

PUNK Odeco chan

SKY Odeco chan

Pom Pon Nikki & Odeco chan Set