Tuesday, May 21, 2013

13SM-Home Momoko Pre Order!

Orders are now being taken for the newest  CCS Home Line offering: 13SM_Home.  
Pre Orders will be taken till the 26th of May Only.  
Confirmation will be given on or after the 5th of June.

A $50.00 deposit is required for every doll ordered.  
Deposits are Non-Refundable and/or Non-Transferable.

13SM_Home Momoko
Pls Specify Gray or White Variation
Release Date: Mid June  2013
Ordering Deadline: May 26th, 2013
Retail Price: US$185.00 per doll
Deposit US$50.00 per doll
NOTE: Though there is only one doll in this release - there are  a couple of VARIATIONs... so pls SPECIFY which one you want.

-LEFT FULL SHOT: WHITE Variation: Comes in Big Printed White Top, Stretch Skinny Jeans, Pumps.
-RIGHT FULL SHOT: GREY Variation: Comes in Big Printed Grey Top, Stretch Skinny Jeans, Casual Half Boots.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monster Massive Invasion!

Tried so hard to resist...  But it was futile!! The collection so far....
I mean, I really like them and i feel they are a fun collection to have...  Still, i was not looking to start a new collection..  And from all the photos I have seen online, FB, and fellow vinyl collectors - i knew it is a massive line...

But that was just it...  With each photo I saw, I was a step closer to breaking down..  But for a bit I was safe as they were nowhere to be found in Taiwan...  And the ones I saw in The Philippines were outrageously priced..  I mean between $35 to $4US each...  Yowza!!!
I do not understand how things could be charged like so - not only double the prices, but triple!!!  Of course, I passed...
Then I saw a Taiwanese collector friend, Rika Lai,  post her MH purchases from Costco, Taiwan - of course, I inquired right away....  Not only a few made it to Taiwan, they were priced almost the same as the US retail,..   A few days later, I have my first three!!! Above Photo: Spectra Vondergeist, Operetta & LaGoona Blue
While at TRU one night with Juju, I decided to walk around the Dolly area and lo and behold, they had a few  in stock...  Decided to pick up this Frankie Stein, as she is just too cool..  With a push of a button, she lights up!!!!
Then a care package arrive from the Bay Area and Voila!  Franklin got me a 4 of them!!!  L to R: Ghoulia, Operetta, Skelita & Howleen...  
My Fave so far...  Hard to choose 1 Fave between these two: Operetta & Skelita...  Operetta is pretty in all her incarnations... She is actually my Fave from the get go...  But seeing Skelita in person with her Skeletal Body, she is coming in a close 2nd!  Happily there is only one Skelita so far but I am already missing at least 2 other Operetta.  Haiiiis...
...and of course one must have at least one mail doll, i picked up the only mail available in Taipei: Deuce Gorgon!

So I have 9 so far with 1 more waiting to ship in the US...  And with my BDay just around the corner, it might just be a Monster High year for me...  Keep them coming guys n gals....  :).  LOL!

Integrity Shipping Updates

Next week we will be getting the first 3 Tulabelle Dolls:  "J'Adore", "Violet Femme", & "Pomp & Circumstance"....   along with that shipments will be The Misfits....   You should have received your Balance Due Billings by now... if you have sent the payment - THANK YOU!...  If you have not sent - PLS DO SO ASAP.
Middle of June will see the release of the other three Tulabeele Dolls: "Yeti", 'Coated Glamour" & "Trend"...   with that will be the release  of the POPPY PARKER dolls, too....   Billings will go out between now and the 1st week of June....  Stay Tuned!!!
Please Note: Poppy Parker Collection is Sold Out...  
We do still have available some Tulabelles and The Misfits.  
Contact Us If Interested.  Thank You!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Misaki & Amelie

They Are Back - and we're getting a few sets for you!!!  
Only a handful of sets so do not miss out...  PM, Email, Contact Us Right away....
Yes, Azone, Japan is finally releasing two new models...  Looking as Fresh as ever...  
These cuties have been surely missed!
Misaki Doll
Amelie Doll

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mommie Dearest

Kudos to the Integrity Design Team for another   Great Hollywood Legend  Debut...  And just Perfect for Mother's Day, too!!!  "Integrity Toys and Paramount Pictures are proud to introduce the boldest mother of them all... Mommie Dearest!" 
Yes, Joan Crawford is immortalized Integrity Style - and we all Excited about this - am sure!!!
This iconic adult collectible doll gift set includes a 12-inch fully articulated vinyl doll (on the Integrity Toys body) with hand-applied eyelashes and rooted hair. By day, Mommie Dearest is ready for her dramatic appearance on screen in her perfectly tailored two-piece skirt suit, complete with hat and jewelry, but surprise... By night, she's ready to unleash her uncontrollable fury for cleanliness with nothing but her face cream and nightgown on! This set includes a doll body, two distinctive sculpts with QUICK SWITCH* feature, two complete costumes, a miniature wire hanger, two pairs of shoes, earrings, hat, doll stand and certificate of authenticity. (For adult collectors ages 14 and up only). 

..and for ADDED Bonus and Play Fun, Integrity Toys introduces the "QUICK SWITCH sculpt swap system"!
Starting with the Mommie Dearest doll, the Integrity Toys design team is proud to reveal that a selected few of our collectible dolls will feature a new, ultra-convenient neck post that will allow collectors to switch between head sculpts without the need to pre-heat the vinyl first! Simply pull, switch and click on a new head for a dramatic new look!
Dolls are Due for Release early July... We are taking Pre Orders Now!  Pls Note: we are getting a small allotment only so send in your requests ASAP....  As Always, all Pre Orders Require a Deposit.  Deposits are Non-Refundable and/or Non-Transferable.
Release Date: July 2013
Retail Price: US$150.00 per gift set
Deposit US$40.00 per gift set