Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year All!!

With less than 3 hours to go for us here in Taiwan, let me wish you all now the
Happiest of New Year - before everything, including Internet lines, get too busy...

Here's hoping 2014 will bring us all more love, happiness, great health,
good fortune, & more super life adventures...

Thanks for being a part of my 2013...
And let's do it all again, and do it greatly, in 2014!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Due to some Location issues with PAYPAL, starting today December 27, 2013 - we will no longer be using the wtsrudi@ms33.hinet.net  PAYPAL ID ACCOUNT....  
Pls DELETE the other account and make a note of this new one...  Thank You! 
Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013

Wishing you all the Merriest of Christmas and the Happiest of New Year!!!
May 2014 bring us all Good Fortune, Great Health, Love and Happiness...
and More Vinyl Goodies, of course!!!

Sharing a few photos of the cuties from my collection that got to come
Out for the Annual Holidaydisplay...
BTW, Pls Be sure to check out the GOODIES we have for the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale - less than a week left till it closes:

"Glimmer of Hope Susie" doll is one of the few OOAK dolls offered in the auction..  Do check them all out!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Momoko dolls Shipping Updates!!

Lots of Petworks' and Sekiguchi releases have been trickling in since the end of November... we have been processing and shipping them out as fast as we could... here's hoping they get to you by XMAS...   or soon after...
Sekiguchi's Pink haired cutie, Fun Voted momoko.
and these below are Petworks' Exclusives...
but we were LUCKY enough to get a few for you!!!
Today's momoko
Marine Knit ruruko
Here's hoping they all get to you soon...
Thank You for the support and patience....
Here's to many more goodies/cuties in 2014!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Charity Goods Uploaded..

Our Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale FB Album is up and running, and we are Blessed to still be getting a few more beauties to join the roster of auction dolls!!!

First two are from the kindness of Leonard Ligotti from Michigan.  Am so Thankful as Leonard has been soooo supportive if our cause right from the get go...,,

NRFB Evening Gown AA Barbie
Gold Label from 2012

NRFB ITBE In Sequins Anja
FR Convention 2013


And From one of my besties here in Taiwan, Juliana Hsiao, is this NRFB Silkstone Barbie Doll: Disk Till Dawn...  Already considered a Vintage Silkstone Doll!!!

So be sure to check them out, and all the other offerings..  All for a Good Cause!!!

Happy Biddings!!!
Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

P.N.N. X R&D for Typhoon Haiyan Charity

Biiiig Thanks and Gratitude I give my talented friends at P.N.N. - the dolly group I am proud to be a part of in the Philippines....   Truly a bunch of nice people who loves their hobby so much and are extremely nice and warm people who believes in SHARING and GIVING BACK - something I have always adhere to and have been happily doing so - doing what I can, anyway.
This Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale would not be complete without the efforts of these creative, and super talented members!  Actually, even in my initial thoughts about how to do this Charity Event - they have been in mind - as I always know I can count on them for their support and kindness...   and here we are, with some of the most Stunning, Unique, Lovely, & Whimsical One Of A Kind Offerings - all to Benefit the Haiyan Typhoon Victims.
Most of these talents below you all pretty much have heard of on the Internet: Facebook, Dolly Boards, eBay, etc...   Their creations have WOWED so many of us - both locally and internationally...  and some of you have had the pleasure of seeing and owning their creations through my collaborations with them for the IFDC Charity Events the past few years.
"Muted Saccharine" 
OOAK Susie Doll by Anj Calvo
"It's a confection for the eyes with a vintage heirloom feel of the crochet laced embellished with sugary micro beads with a hint of caramel colored tiger-eyed beads to give the pastel colored frock some texture.

Here face is hand painted and sealed with the finest acrylic and dashed with freckles to give an quirk on her angelic stare."

See more of Anj Calvo's Designs & Creations Here:
Bituing Marikit (Beautiful Star) 
OOAK Haute Couture Filipiniana Fashion 
Fits 16" Dolls (Numina, Deva, JS, and Sybarites).  
Created by Cho:lo
For More of Creations By Cho:lo

OOAK Susie Doll Created by Ma'tto Garcia of The House of Garci

"MESTIZA" is wearing a modern Philippine Terno, the national dress for Filipina...the gown is made of Philippine native cloth named "JUSI", mechanically woven from the abaca fiber or banana silk.   The hem is made from silk tulle...it is embellished with lace, beads n swaroski crystals....the silhouette of the gown is a tribute to Barbie's Solo in the Spotlight vintage gown.
The doll herself, was enhanced by Art Ryan; while her hair was styled  by Rex Roxas  - fellow P.N.N. members."

Gown by The House of Garci
Make Up by Art Ryan
Hair by Rex Roxas
For more Designs and Creations from the House of Garci:

For other Fabulous Repaints by Art Ryan:

"Golden Elegance Barbie"
OOAK Barbie Created by Lonix 
From The House of Kivan
"Glimmer of Hope Susie"
OOAK Susie created by the designing duo of 
Find out more about the creative duo from the following links:

"Dorie: Daughter of Dorothy"
OOAK Monster High Doll 
Created by Miles
Find Out More about Miles through his Facebook Account:

Mattel's Teresa Doll as Philippine's 
ICONIC Heroine Darna!
OOAK Creation by Rex Roxas
You can find out more about Rex and his Super Heroine Creations
though his Facebook Pages:

Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale Album Now Open!!!

Pls Click Link Below to See and Bid on all The Goodies...
Remember, all Proceeds go to the Haiyan Typhoon Victims!!!

 1. Be Sure to read the INFO with each doll - as it states where the doll will be coming/shipping from.
 2. Bid on the COMMENT section.
 3. Inquiries and Questions you can PM to me pls.
 4. Some Items will have BUY NOW - if you wish to do so simply PM me and we can close that particular item.
 5. Winning Bid will be the last Highest Bid on each item - Bidding will commence the 15th of Dec and run thru midnite of the 29th of Dec. - Taiwan Time.

6. Winning Bidder will be NOTIFIED by me VIA PM and on the COMMENT SECTION of each doll.
 7. Payments should be done via PAYPAL. Pay as PERSONAL (for this is for a Charity Event - we can avoid PAYPAL FEEs on our end). PAYPAL ID is
 8. Do include your mailing complete address and phone number for fast processing.
 Note: We will be adding more the next couple of days... Stay Tuned...
 And Pls Do Spread The Word!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dreaming of a Winter Blue XMas?

How about a gift of "Madrid Premier Beauty Barbie" to yourself?
This Gorgeous Barbie doll thrilled everyone at this year's Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention.  Stunning from Head to Toe - wouldn't you agree?

Madrid Premier Beauty Barbie is Limited to 100 pcs only.  She is Authorized by Mattel and is considered a Platinum Label Release.
A big Thank You to our amiga, Monica Nunez del Castillo - y son otros amigos y amigas from the "Colleccionistas de Fashion Dolls en Madrid".  Abrazos!!!
You can find this Barbie and other stunning beauties in our
Coming Dec 15th - Stay Tuned!!!

More Goodies for a Good Cause!!!

My friend Eric (truly much too kind!) just sent us another box of NRFB goodies - all for the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale ,  Of Course!!!
Silkstone Barbie Goodies...

And a Luminescence Adele!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sassy Noir Misaki, Anyone???

Our dear friend, Denise Travers' kindness continues...  She just Surprised me with her latest donation of the Ultra Limited,  "Sassy Noir " Misaki Doll!!!
This Gal was released during the recent IFDC Convention in Las Vegas and is quite a catch - not just for her fabulous-ness,  but for her Limited-ness, as well!   Only 13 pieces were produced - Yowza!!!  She was Exclusive to Denise's "Wave from Japan" seminar at IFDC.

Originally a Jason Wu YeYe Misaki, produced by Integrity Toys for the Japanese market.  "Sassy Noir" Misaki was  specially redesigned as a Special Edition by Azone.

More Donation Updates!!!

We are getting down to the wire - 2 more days before our Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale starts -  and we are excited to announce a few more Goodies that came our way.  Generously donated by two of the nicest people I know: Mr. Percy Newsum of Integrity Toys and Denise Travers.
Still having some FR Convention Doll Cravings?  Then do not miss out on this Convention Centerpiece Doll: "Black Orchid" Vanessa Perrin.  Quite Limited and Quite the Sexy One!!!

Many Thanks to Mr. Percy Newsum for bringing a piece of the recent FR Convention to us!!!

And from Denise Travers comes a few Japan Exclusive items: Misaki, Amelie and momoko goodies!!

Starting off with a NRFB Azone Exclusive Wake Up momoko doll...  and a few Hard to Find Misaki and Amelie Fashions.
Stay Tuned... In just a few days you will be able to Bid/Buy these goodies and a host of others - all to benefit a Great cause!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DAE Originals' Vivian and Wilde Imagination's Evangeline Dolls For Charity

Two more Wonderful dolls have been generously donated for the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale...  Am loving it as they truly  widen our offerings..  As we all know Variety is the Spice of Life!
From Janet Balas is this beautiful DAE Originals Vivian doll. Limited to 300 pcs, she was produced for the company's 10th Anniversary.
And from Phyllis Guerra is this stunning OOAK Evangeline doll, created by talented artist (and a friend from my Bay Area Days) Vince Nowell.   She was created as part of the 2013 Modern Doll Collectors Charity Auction.

Watch for them when the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale commences on Dec 15th!!!

2 FRs and a tokidoki Pullip, Oh My!!!

Today's generous donations for the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale comes from my very dear friend, Mary Ewing...  And these gals will surely Excite and Entice All!!!
Ooooh La Las...  FR Intimately Acquainted Luchia and
a somewhat Vintage FR, Paradise Veronique - the latter being a personal fave of mine...

And another personal Fave here, tokidoki X Pullip...  Very much sought after,
 and somewhat hard to get from what am told... 

Be sure to mark your calendars..
 A few days keft before the Charity Auction / Sale commences:  Dec 15th!!!
Thank You and Do Spread the Word Please!

Monday, December 9, 2013

OOAK Monster High For Our Charity Auction!

Yes!!!  Our dear friend Louisham Osman of "SouoL by LouoS" has donated his time and talent, and created this Pretty N quite Festive Monster High Howleen Doll!!  
Just Perfect for any Season!!!

Be sure to catch her and other offerings for our Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale...  Only 4 more days and we will begin!!!  

Spread The Word!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

An Act of Kindness!

The Holidays are truly a Magical time of the year....  I can HONESTLY say it brings out the BEST in people....  Smiles All Around...  and Kindness...  and just yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the Kindness of a Dolly friend, Uriah Redden...
He contacted me with his generous donations of a Color Infusion D doll and a NRFB Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts Barbie Doll....  much too kind....  Even had a bit of an identity confusion on my part - to which am still very red from (but that's another story!).

Later in the day, Rob emailed again regarding a buyer who was emailing him in hopes to buy the Color Infusion doll...  He replied that he has already donated the doll to our Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale  and told me about it...  I had told him that since, I have not posted the dolls yet on the Charity Album or Blog - to go ahead and feel free to sell the doll he had listed For Sale before....  The Queen of Hearts as a donation was already much too kind....  Then I went off to bed...
This morning I checked my In Boxes, as I do each and every morning...  a few emails came through from Rob and his buyer, Gloria Kang.  Rob did sell the doll and much to my surprise, he still asked Gloria to contact and pay me... Rob (Uriah) still generously donated the proceeds to our Charity Fundraiser....   My heart was overjoyed by this act of kindness....  I cannot even express the Gratitude am feeling from this kindness....  but it surely reaffirms my Faith in People's Kindness, how Wonderful Doll Collectors are in general,  and the Power of Christmas - the Season of Giving!
From the Bottom of My Heart, I Thank You So Very Much, Rob...  God Bless!!!