Tuesday, December 7, 2010

VOLKS Dolls Holiday Sale!

Now thru the end of December - All VOLKS Dolls are 50% OFF!!!
(Pls Note: Other Sale Offers Does Not Apply!)

Check Them Out Here:
R&D Dolls: Other Dolls

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Just wanted to share a few photos here... last year's XMas these was white and silver.... and for this year, I had intended on going way to the opposite of the spectrum - Black... and I was just going to Spray Paint my branch tree black when I received a package from my dear friend, and fellow doll lover, Mary Ewing... in is a very cute white reindeer with silver antlers... this Beanie Baby reindeer from TY is soooo cute, I abandoned my plans immediately and stuck with my white and silver tree...
And it does not stop there, I had to pull my OOAK Fairy Susie doll, a gift from another great friend, Lisa Miller, to join the XMas display - she is the perfect pair for the reindeer... don't you think???

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Perfect for Winter Holidays!

A couple of sets of Nikki & Odeco-Boldchan, from CCBoldS/Petworks, can still be the star of your XMas dioramas this holiday Season.... only 1 set each available... Pls Write if Interested: wtsrudi@yahoo.com

Newly Released Pyon Pyon Set - Perfect for the Holidays & to WELCOME the Year of the Bunny/Chinese Lunar Calendar

Have a Winter Wonderland Setting with the PomPon Set (Summer 2010 Release)

More Nikki & Odeco-chan Here!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

XP: Happy Hanukkah All!!!

Did not want to let this season's Festival of Lights, better know to us all as Hanukkah, pass by without wishing all of you, my friends a very WONDERFUL and SHINING Season of Hanukkah!

Truly one of the best Holidays I have ever come to known - i love the music, the prayer, the bringing of the family & friends together for the tradition of lighting up the candles for 8 consecutive nites culminating on a feast to celebrate the occasion... and not forgetting the 8 Gifts, one for each nite.... okay this part are mostly for kids, but hey, am a BIG KID.... simply heartwarming.....

Growing up in the Bay Area, I was Blessed to have experienced and come to know this Jewish Holiday... have even practiced the tradition for a few years.... and actually miss the tradition's ritual now and again....
PHOTO CREDIT NOTE: Thanks to Terri's beautiful Italicphotograph above... the BEST Dolly Chanukah photo I have seen this season... Great Set up & Editing -- Rabbi & All!.... You can see more of her photos in her WONDERFUL & Fabulous Dolly Blog: Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold Alway a FAVE Dolly Destination of mine!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bring them Home for the Holidays!!

On this first of DEC, we are Joyous to share with you all, a couple of OOAK Susie dolls, just in time for the Holidays!!! "Golden Memories" in shimmering gold and lace; and "Sweet Memories" in an sophisticated, and oh-so-sexy gown of Lite Pink. The dolls are the 2nd collaboration between R&D and Ma'tto Garcia - who hails from Manila, Philippines and is a very talented and well known, fashion designer (for both real live & vinyl dolls. He is very much sought after for his Wedding and Party gowns - which keeps him quite busy. Now and again, he would delight a doll collecting friend, like me, with his creations but he is not one to mass produce anything. He finds making the same gown more than once or twice tedious and boring - like a real artist would! But his love for dolls and doll collecting gave way into winning him over and coaxing him into sharing his creations and talents more Internationally. The first time, was when we invited him to collaborate with us for the OOAK Susie doll donated for the Charity Auction at this year's IFDC Convention in Las Vegas. his creation got a very nice reception and actually raised a little over $500 for the Charity Auction - not bad at all, if I may say so myself.And now, after a few more ribbing, we got him to finally agreed for a series of offering to the you all - dolly & Susie lovers. We all felt that there is no better time to announce and Debut, the first in a succession of Collaborative offerings between R&D and Ma'tto Garcia, than this festive time of the year.



The Susie dolls' used are the DG POP Susie, with their hair, totally revamped and restyled; plus ever so slightly touch of make up... to better compliment their fabulous gowns. Great attention to details and workmanship was poured in to bring you these dolls - and we are pretty sure you will all agree. Both gowns uses the finest of fabrics and are meticulously hand beaded byMa'tto Garcia, himself!!!

Each doll comes in her own Holiday Box; Stand, Shoes & Jewelry. The dolls are $185.00 each (shipping not included). Be sure to drop us a line if interested... she just might brighten up your XMas Celebration!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Go Platinum for the Holidays!

With Platinum Jenny and friends - that is!!!

Another Stockroom find - Jenny and three of her friends, in the Limited Platinum Dream Collection, from a few years back... All dolls are Mint and NRFB - Box opened to take a photo only. Seling for $35 each or $120 for the set (shipping not included).

Other Stockroom "Jenny Goodies" HerePLATINUM KISARA AVAILABLE, too! $35.00

Friday, November 26, 2010

Can You Name Them All???

Going through boxes and boxes of dolls the last few days for an UPCOMING PROJECT.... boy do I have a lot of dolls... and boxes.... and DUST, but that's another story....
Anyway, the BEST part is finding some FAVE treasures of mine as I dig through them.... including these BOIS..... shows you how eclectic my collection is - can you name them all???

And speaking of FINDS... I had forgotten I also got a BUFFY SUMMERS doll for my birthday a few years back.... just came across her, too... must be all that ruckus about a BUFFY movie remake, that cause her to resurface....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

wishing you all...

A Very Happy Thanksgiving..... Celebrate with Love ones.... Eat Healthy.... Share... and most of all, Don't Forget to Give Thanks!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Basics Kawaiiness Up for Pre Order!

Basics Odeco-chan and nikki dolls 004 have been announced and we are now taking orders for them, plus the "Florence" style wig collection in three color variation....
Initial ordering deadline: November 24th PM 1:00 - My Time (Taipei, Taiwan)
Date to reply the item numbers to be provided to you: December 2nd.
Estimated date of delivery: Middle of December.

Florence Wigs in Blue, pink or Blk... $25.00 each / / Deposit $10.00 each
Nikki 004 / Blk nose $55.00 / Deposit $25.00
Nikki 004 / Pnk Nose $55.00 / Deposit $25.00
Odeco Chan 004 $55.00 / Deposit $25.00

Balance of Payment will be REQUIRED once order is CONFIRMED on DEC 2nd... Deposits are Non - Refundable and Non-Transferable. Deposits can be made through PAYPAL... the ID is wtsrudi@ms33.hinet.net

These items are small-lot production, so THERE MAY BE A CASE
that we WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE you the quantity you will order - in which case all deposit monies will be refunded.
In that case we will inform you December 2nd.
Appreciate your understanding very much.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Introducing: Pinky Leopard momoko

New momoko doll, Pinky Leopard will be released in the market around end of Jan.,2011 - Pre Order are being take NOW!!!

-SPECIAL PRICE is $129.00 if you ORDER BEFORE the 20th of this Month, Dec. 2010
-$50.00 DEPOSIT is required with each orders...
-Deposits are Non - Refundable/Non - Transferable
Again, Special Price Deadline is the 20th of Dec., 2010.

Pinky Leopard Info:
Here's a sharp and coquettish momoko doll.
Leopard camisole Baby Doll dress hides beneath the pink princess coat, oh-so-sexy!!
The back-style of her Pink Coat is full of frills, so cute!

Manufacturer's Note: Unfortunately as usual, momoko DOLL quantity is very limited,
please accept our apology if you could not get the full quantity you want.
So PlS Hurry In Your Order(s).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good Morning Angels!!!

Just had to share this set.... for a BIG Charlie's Angels fan, such as me, these Little Gals are Ton Loads of Fun!!! Little Kelleys as Sabrina, Kelly & my all time FAVE, Angel Jill... Can Anything Ever Be Cuter!!!
Saw this when it was first introduced and immediately fell in love.... I really do not collect Little Kelleys, as cute as they are - but now and again, I do break down.... and this isone of those times!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Trio of Miss Jenny & Friend

More Stockroom Finds here guys.... I have three Miss Jenny Dolls and her friend, Sakurako as Cafe Girl... all 4 are Toys R Us, Japan Exclusives....Priced each of them at $35.00 each or buy 2 or more @ $30 each....
Plus Fashion Station Jenny and/or Tamaki for $25each or $45 for both...
also have 1 each left of these two Jenny fashions @ $20 each or both for $35.... again, shipping not included.

Email Me if interested: wtsrudi@yahoo.com


Have a few NRFB Blythe Dolls Available Right Now... All Dolls are Complete & Mint (as Pictured)... All 5 of them are pretty much from the early times of this much loved, big head and big eyed cuties..... They are the Following:

EBL- 7 Cinnamon Girl & EBL- 10 Love Mission

EBL- 12 Fruit Punch & TRU-EX5 Very Cherry Berry

BL-5 Kozy Kape

KOR-EX Velvet Minuet (1st Annerversary Korea)

ACCEPTING ALL REASONABLE OFFERS... Or EMAIL US for Price List... Write If Interested....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CCS11SS momoko collection...

Newly Introduced and Up For Ordering are the 2011 Spring Summer - "Eternal Sweet Honey" Coordinate Collection for momoko, from CCS/Petworks.... as with the previous coordinate releases - each gift set comes with a dressed momoko doll plus tons of clothing and accessories for MIX & MATCH fun!!!

Once again, 2 dolls are issued for the Eternal Sweet Honey collection and they will be available to come with your choice of are Coordinates - the two collections are called "Ugly Duckling" and "Princess On The Pea" - and each of the dolls can be ordered in the 2 Coordinate Collections separately... so 4 X the FUN!!!!

PLS NOTE: Ordering Deadline is the 5th of December.... The SETS will be produced On Order - so only the total number of orders for each set will be produced. The sets are $350US each... and $200 deposit per set is required with each order.... and the balance by the 10th of Dec....

"Princess On The Pea Coordinates"

"Ugly Duckling Coordinates"

Monday, November 1, 2010

In Loving Memory of Joe Tai....Rest In Peace.

Woke up this morning with a few sad emails from close friends, letting me know that another mutual friend, Joe Tai, had passed away... Sadly, he had lost his battle with his ailment...

Truly A Great Loss in the Dolly World, as well, as my everyday world as he is actually one of the first few friends I made when I moved to Taiwan - over 10 years ago.... I have had the pleasure of seeing him in our shop in the early years.... many years were spent afterwards, helping him with his dolly endeavours.... promoting his OOAK dolls, in the shop as well as On Line.... and even had the pleasure of working with him on his INGRID projects - in her initial stages.... from some of the designs, right down to the packaging....

It was always a pleasure to talk with him... get a visit from him... and hang out now and again.... a regular thing that only stopped when he moved to China to head up his own factory - one that produced soooo many great items that became a staple on EBay and in our dolly collections - dolls, fashions, and of course, the fabulous accessories: SHOES GALORE.... After this move, I only got to see him at conventions and now and again, as he comes home to Taiwan for Chinese New Year... less frequent but still a welcome delight....

INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, FUN & FRIENDLY - those ALWAYS comes to mind when I think of him.... and will ALWAYS remember him by....

Fun Time with Joe, showing visiting Vicky (another dearly departed) around Taipei....

Joe @ R&D, with some of his early creations....

Joe & another famous force in the doll world, as they first met @ R&D!

Read More about joe tai and his fabulous creations by CLICKING HERE

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Starting Now thru the 1st of November - we will be having a GREAT HALLOWEEN SALE on SELECT ITEMS... PLS SEE LINKS & DETAILS BELOW:

20% OFF:
Momoko & Other Petworks/CCS/Sekiguchi Dolls
ANNZ Dolls (sorry MIB Black Cat Only)

Fashion Royalty Dolls & Other Integrity Products

30% OFF:
Volks, Barbies, Azone & Other Dolls

Jenny & Friends Dolls

-Orders Totaling $150 or more will get FREE SHIPPING!!
-Most Items we have only 1 or 2 pcs left... So Do Not Miss Out!!!
-Orders Must Be PAID IN FULL... Sorry no Layaways!
Have a Great & Safe Halloween Everyone!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing: Pyon Pyon Nikki & Odeco-chan

Come Mid November we will all be welcoming the Twosome Cuites of Nikki & Odeco-chan in their fuzzy bunny costumes, as the Pyon Pyon Cuites... Blonde Odeco-chan is looking sweet in her pink bunny outfit, while Nikki (with rooted bangs!) is a great compliment in the blue version of the bunny outfit..... These two will be a GREAT TREAT FOR ALL COLLECTORS, FOR SURE!!!

Orders are now taken.... the dolls are $110.00 each (due to POOR EXCHANGE) or order the set for $200 (plus shipping).... Ordering Deadline is the 31st of Oct. SO Hurry and get yours in!!!!

By The Way - SEE WHAT"S IN STOCK HERE.... even have the new SULLEN Nikki Doll plus the ultra cool wigs....