Monday, January 30, 2012

Integrity Toys' Early FR Introductions!

Yes, the early introductions have been released... actually they just finished wowing collectors and doll reviewers alike at the very recent IDEX Show.  And as always, most of the dolls are SOLD OUT on Pre Order Basis, even before the Dealers' Introductions are out....

This year is proving to be another TOUGH ONE for us, as we got an even smaller allocations on a lot of the just introduced dolls...  for that matter, I will not even include them in this BLOG - so as to not confuse you all as to what can still, be ordered through us.

So READ ON and EMAIL ASAP - DO NOT MISS OUT!!!  Most of these dolls we have two or three left available for Pre Ordering.
FR Monogram Collection - End of  February Release Date
Retail Price: US$160.00 / Deposit: US$50.00
"This season, the FR: Monogram collection comes in color and emotion. Five dolls that run the gamut of love, passion, beauty and pure inspiration!"

FR : 16 - End of March Release Date
Retail Price: US$175.00 / Deposit: US$50.00
"First unveiled at the 2011 Integrity Toys Convention in Schaumburgh, Illinois, the FR:16 collection brings Fashion Royalty to new heights!
Business associates and owners of "The Wall", a cutting edge Parisian fashmag dedicated to beauty, fashion and fame, Saskia, Anais, Elsa and Freja, are the top up and coming publishing industry executives who are always "in the know" as far as the world of FR is concerned. Do you want to get the latest fashion and beauty newsflashes? It's written on "The Wall"!
With FR:16, the Integrity Toys designers bring the world of Fashion Royalty into the exciting world of 1:5 scale dolls! Each character features a brand new 16" tall body sculpt, modern clothes and cool accessories to create totally hot looks!"

Poppy Parker Fashion Teen - June Released Date
Retail Price: US$175.00 / Deposit: US$50.00
"We are thrilled to unveil a new format for Poppy Parker this year as well- Poppy Parker Fashion Teen, a 16" version of Poppy Parker. You will know that she is 16" by the "Fashion Teen" brand after her name."

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nikki & Odeco-chan Goes Punk!!!

We are happy to announce that end of Feb will see the release of  these TWOSOME CUTIES..... with wigs to boot....  Looking so COOL & TOUGH without losing the FUN FACTOR - these Nikki & Odeco-chan dolls will surely be GREAT ADDITIONS to your collections...
Initial ordering deadline: January 31st
Date of Order Confirmation to be provided to you: February 8th.
Estimated date of delivery: End of February.
These items are small-lot production, so THERE MAY BE A CASE
that we WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE you the quantity you will order.
In that case we will inform you February 8th.
Appreciate your understanding very much.
Release Date: End of February 2012
Retail Price: $169.00 per doll
Deposit: $50.00 per doll
Ordering Deadline: Feb 10th

Punk Nikki & Odeco-chan Dolls
Release Date: End of February 2012
Retail Price: $115.00 per doll/ $220 Set
Deposit: $25.00 per doll/$50.00 Set 
Ordering Deadline: Jan 31st

Release Date: End of February 2012
Retail Price: $30.00 per wig
Deposit: $2.00 per wig
Ordering Deadline: Jan 31st
Orders Require a Deposit.
Deposits are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. 
Deposits can be made before Jan 31st via Paypal: the ID to pay:

Friday, January 13, 2012

momoko: Safari of Dry Wind News

The Regular and Special Versions of "Safari in Dry Wind" momoko doll is now up for Pre Ordering....  Ordering Deadline is the 19th of Feb. 

Deposits are Required and they are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable unless Orders cannot be met due to Sekiguchi's Allotment Numbers.   Deposits are ACCEPTED via PAYPAL... PP ID to pay is

As always, with the LIMITEDNESS of the Production, there maybe a chance when all orders cannot be covered.  This happening we will do a "First Order, First Serve" basis - so please "Hurry In Your Order".

SAFARI: Regular Version

Release Date: End of February 2012
Retail Price: $169.00 per doll
Deposit: $50.00 per doll
Ordering Deadline: Feb 10th

SAFARI: Special "COLD" Version

Release Date: End of February 2012
Retail Price: $169.00 per doll
Deposit: $50.00 per doll
Ordering Deadline: Feb. 10th