Thursday, July 30, 2009

Presenting: Dynamite Girls Boogie Beach Collection

Add COLORS to your doll collecting with the newest Dynamite Girls Collection: "Boogie Beach Collection"These colorful cuties are ready for the beach in fantastic summer fashions and accessories in all shades of the rainbow! Sporting vibrant peek-a-boo swimsuits capped with coordinating-trim baseball jackets, these girls are the epitome of summer chic. Accessories include a variety of summer essentials, ranging from colorful platform shoes and sunglasses to clear beach totes with rainbow trim. Long summer days on the beach have given Gavin freckles for the first time and many of the Boogie Beach girls have a brand new facial screening never previously used!
COLLECT THEM ALL!!! Pre Order Your Colorful Cuties Now! CLICK HERE!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IFDC Memories

Most of you know that IFDC has a SPECIAL PLACE in our hearts - for many reasons: not just because Jim Faraone, the one who year after year, manages to make the convention even more fun, exciting, and a treat to all attendees...; not just because it is a GREAT EXCUSE to see dolly friends from different parts of the dolly world, and get to meet a few new ones; not just because at IFDC, one gets to see & enjoy a wide array of dolly offerings from talents all over the world; ..but it is also mainly because , IFDC, is the BIRTHPLACE of Susie -- the place where she made her first entrance way back at the very first IFDC, back in 2003.That was actually quite a TRIP, looking back - somehow, we manage to make a show with nothing but a few prototype sample heads and a couple of bodies, and a biiig support push from some of the BEST and SWEETEST people in the dolly world, whom am very PROUD to call our FRIENDS.
So in honor of 2009's IFDC the end of this week - thought it would be fun to take a trip back, and share with you a few of our FAVE SHOTS from IFDC pasts we were fortunate enough to attend:-IFDC I 2003 - Still Uploading
-IFDC III 2005 - Still Uploading
-IFDC IV 2006
-IFDC V 2007

Monday, July 27, 2009


Though we wont be able to make it to IFDC this year... we are making sure that SUSIE does for those of you who will be there....

Our very GOOD FRIENDS, Larraine and Jill, the GREAT FOLKS of ALL DOLLED UP & AUCTION FEVER, are kind enough to take care of
getting her out to you all -- so PLS DO MAKE SURE TO LOOK FOR THEM! Mr Buttry
will also have her on display, along with the rest of the Dynamite Girls, on the
INTEGRITY tables.... you might want to contact Larraine ( ) too and RESERVE yours
right away....

Now, we did not send a lot, as we do not want to trouble Larraine and Jill a lot
- they need to be FREE and have a lot of FUN, too.... but if they sell out, you
can still order through them and we can ship from here..... they will have all
the INFO you will need....


IFDC 2009
July 29 - August 1, 2009
The Orleans
Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

A Celebration of ALL Fashion Dolls

You are cordially invited to the 7th Annual International Fashion Doll Convention. Bring your family and join your friends for a 4-day getaway in exciting Las Vegas, NV. Meet your favorite Divas!!! A special souvenir doll just for this occasion will be presented. There will be the goody bag, salesroom, competition, raffles, bowling tournament, workshops, seminars, artists' gallery and manufacturers' exhibits, the FDM Awards, Charity Auction, special appearances by your favorite dolls, doll manufacturers, doll dealers and doll artists....And there will be surprises

Saturday, July 25, 2009

YUKATA momoko dolls News

A few UPDATES on the CCS/Petworks momoko in Yukata Collection. Kimono & Yukata dressed momoko dolls are some of the more sought after momoko dolls around... more limited in number and are made by CCS/PETWORKS beautifully in their authentically detailed clothing. Below are some of the newly announced ones...

These two we should be getting a MINIMUM number... PLS write to us if interested.
These two are XClusives for JAPAN ONLY... the Black Haired one being for AZONE Japan. And am awaiting news on the Blond one... to see if we will be able to carry her....
and we do have (1 PC each) these two PREVIOUSLY RELEASED ones... CLICK HERE FOR MORE MOMOKO DOLLS

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Weekend to you all!!!

WIth the Summer Weekend upon us once again - I wish to share with you DG POP Susie, enjoying her Summer Holiday in Warssw, Poland... courteasy of her host, Bogna... she shared some of Susie's Beach getaway phtoos in her blog, I LOVE THAT DOLLThe Blog is in Polish but nevermind if you cannot understand or read Polish - there's plenty of beautifully photographed dolls in her blog.... Plus, as we all know, DOLL COLLECTING transcends language, color and everything else...Hope you & your dollies are enjoying the Summer Days!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last of the Lanas...

Anybody else loving the Lana Turner Doll from Integrity Toys??? I was reminded of how beautiful she is while viewing a friend's, (dygreenie) FLICKR album... Jason's been enjoying (and sharing with me) playing & making clothing & a few WONDERFUL wigs for his Lana doll....

Sadly, this beautifully sculpted doll just did not CLICK here in Taiwan -- not really sure why? It could be for the lack of people knowing who she is/was.... it really is too bad as I think that this is one beautiful collection...To date, we still have a couple of the separate fashions, a couple of ICONIC, and 3 of the LOVE STORY one... so here's your chance to get them at 25%OFF of retail each... as till the end of AUG, we will put the entire Lana Turner Collection on SALE at 25% OFF...


Monday, July 20, 2009

DG POP SUSIE: Collectors' Photos

Been enjoying seeing photos of DG POP Susie by collectors from all over... showcasing a few of my FAVES here (some I could not SAVE as they are protected - so better follow the link to see them, too).... you can see them and more in the DYNAMITE GIRLS Flickr Group. LINK HEREPHOTO CREDITS: L to R.
Top Row: barbigirl, Nina Victor, marketchow
Middle Row: vince anthony, pole thor, marikah
Bottom Row: astrogirl01, my scene junkie, girlplanet100

-and my own photos of DG POP SUSIE - PLS CLICK HERE

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feeling Fierce Dani

This morning I got in my INBOX photos of what my friend, James Griffen made out of his older FR stands.... am sure you will think of it INGENIOUS and COOL, as well... but through his photos, I also got to appreciate even more Canada's Exclusive Dynamite Girl, Feeling Fierce Dani. He had photographed her very well posing with the hand-made chair... I think her face is quite versatile - one that will look well in HAUTE COUTURE or CASUAL clothing... so you betcha, I got mine out of her box right away.... (PHOTO CREDITS: Left from Integrity Toys; BELOW from James Griffen) Thank You James for your photos - am even GLADDER now that I was able to get a few of her to offer through our shop - as well as, get one for my very own collection.

For Feeling Fierce Dani & other Dynamite Girls PLS CLICK HERE

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here's a chance to get some things you might have missed the first time around.... dolls will ship from the US.... You can see more INFO and PRICES in our INTEGRITY DOLLS PAGE

The dolls are Red Blooded Kyori, Urban Geisha Kyori, Traveler By Nature & Girl Of The Moment.

Mermaid Nikki & Odeco Collection

Just been told that they are shipped to us yesterday - which means they will be in by early next week... we have be sending out notifications for those of you with CONFIRMED ORDERS.... if you have not gotten one yet - PLS DO CONTACT US...Basically NIKKI from the collections is all SOLD OUT.... But I do have a couple of MERMAID ODECOs and 1 each of the WIGS unspoken for -- so if INTERESTED, email us right away.... also have these two cute ODECO-chans IN STOCK - Blue Sky (1 Left) & Obake (2 left)!
For more Nikki, Odeco-chan & their accessories - PLS CLICK HERE

Friday, July 17, 2009

ELECTRO POP SUSIE & R&D Fashions Special

Most of you have already seen Electro POP Susie in her ORIGINAL outfit.... now pls check her out in some of R&D's ORIGINAL Fashions...

As an ADDED BONUS - we are having a SPECIAL SALE on the fashions... buy a DG POP Susie @ her RETAIL PRICE of $45. and get any of the fashions at 25%OFF... you can purchase 1 or more.... all up to you... and for those of you who have already PURCHASED her - just REMIND US and the offer extends to you, too!!!
we have uploaded only 3 of the fashions so far - the weather here hasn't been kind, rainy season now.... but will photograph & upload more as weather permits...

-you can see DG POP Susie modeling the 3 R&D fashions in my FLICKR: DG Electro POP Susie
-and the rest of the R&D Fashion Offerings here: R&D Outfits & Accessories

Taipei 101 momoko SALE!!!

From Now thru the End of August (Or While Supplies Last! - as some I have one or two left...)Was doing a quick accounting and inventory of momoko dolls we have on hand - as two more are just introduced... and YIKES!!! due to CANCELLATIONS, we ended up with a handful of extras..

So we are doing the Taipei 101 SALE on them... for the month of JULY only the
following momoko dolls are SPECIALLY PRICED @ $101.00 (they are regularly
$110.00/$129.00 each) -- SPECIAL SALE is VALID on
the following momoko dolls only:

-Miss Weekday
-Spring Forest
-Berry Hunter
-Happy Summer
-Cosmos Sweetheart

you can see them all her in our MOMOKO PAGE

So here's your chance to catch up on those you have missed....
Hope U take ADVANTAGE of the SALE... WRITE US!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In Celebration of Barbie: FDQ's Event Issue

In Honour of Miss Barbie's 50th BDAY/Anniversary, Fashion Doll Quarterly,releases a 64-page, all out, Special Issue that was unveiled at the recent Barbie Convention. We will be getting a few copies of this NOT-TO-BE-MISSED special Issue -- so be sure and RESERVE your copy now!!!

Email us at or

New momoko dolls for August!

Already Up for Pre-Ordering: Fruits of Passion & Honey Wild momoko dolls.
These beauties should be out August 2009. More Ordeing Info here:
R&D momoko Page

Dolly Time!!!

Okie Dokie - been asked enough times that am breaking down... am FINALLY starting a BLOG to highlight all the dolls that comes the R&D way: Susie, Angels, Mensajero, Momoko, FR, Nikki & Odeco-chan, Jenny, and many many more... We will keep you current on Upcoming & New Releases, Magazines, Pictorials, LINKS of Interests, etc.... So pls STAY TUNED and SUBSCRIBE so as to not miss out on the latest NEWS & Photos of your Favorite Dolls.
More Soon,