Saturday, October 31, 2009

WHEW!!! Part I

Last Thursday, I took on the task of cleaning, dusting off, reorganizing 3 dolly cases - 5 HRS later I finally got it all done - now on to the other ones which will take more hours/days than that - am sure!!! hahahahahaJust wanted to share the first part (what I have finished so far anyway) of my REORGANIZATION PROJECT - SEE PHOTOS HERE.


Have Fun & Stay Safe Guys & Gals!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

2009 Holiday DG Doll Introduction!

Introducing: Candy Cane Carnival Eltin... as always we are getting a very small allocation so better RESERVE your now!!!
Eltin makes a merry return this holiday season at the Candy Cane Carnival. Her Lolita inspired faux laced-up mini dress with puffed sleeves, gathered skirt and polka dot ribbon bows will make her the star of the event. The red striped stockings, red fur trimmed boots and an additional pair of red heels proves that she knows how to accessorize and is ready for festive holiday fun! Eltin is ready to experience the cool side of the yuletide! Limited to only 300 pcs. Available Soon...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Treasures Old & New

well... it does pay to go through one's stuff now and again... so much extras have been discovered... some old, some new... some are keepers, some are extras - hence, AVAILABLE HERE....

we have loose dolls, NRFB dolls & fashions, magazines, books, etc... am UPLOADING them as I go along on my FOR SALE FLICKR Album (CLICK HERE)... will be adding more the next few days so be sure to check now and again....BOOKS FROM JAPANNRFP SUSIE FASHIONSASSORTED GOODIES

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Bob Mackie Gold, that is!!!! The first Bob Mackie doll was recently (just yesterday morning, really!)uncovered by me in one of the boxes stored - as I was cleaning and reorganizing... I had forgotten about her and the other Mackie dolls -- so am digging for the rest of the SEQUINED, oh-so-sexy, Bob Mackie Barbie dolls, as well as, the other DESIGNER DRESSED Barbie dolls like Burberry, Givenchy, DIOR, Calvin, etc...

I already uncovered so many goodies - some extras that I will POST FOR SALE in a day or so... I wonder what other goodies I will find.... STAY TUNED!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

more CCS/Petworks momoko dolls For Sale

a few more vintage momoko dolls, and even a ROu ROu fashion are up for SALE... BE SURE NOT TO MISS THEM!!!PLS NOTE: 2 Special TANNED momokos (#s 1 & 2) are on an EMAIL AUCTION basis - if interested - pls email me your BIDS -- WE WILL TAKE BIDS for a couple of days... WEDNESDAY, WINNING BIDDER will be notified.

More Photos & INFO Here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Astronaut Barbie

I sure am glad MATTEL is issuing this one... one of my few missing ORIGINAL & VIBNTAGE Barbie fashions... nowadays, i see it mostly Incomplete or COMPLETE but TOTALLY HIGH PRICED... so this is the closest I will ever get to owning the fashion.

She is part of the: "My Favorite Career Babrie Doll Collection", debuting with a collection of 3 dolls. Beisdes this Astronaut Barbie are Teacher & Registered Nurse Barbies. Should be pout in time for XMAS!!!

meet IFIAM RICO...

the newest Mensajero Adoptee just had his first photo shoot... proud Daddy Raymond shares some photos...More Of IFIAM Here

Friday, October 23, 2009

Own a Piece of Barbie History

Clearing out a few stuff in our STOCKROOM and came across these 4 SPECIAL Barbie Dolls -- all issued for Barbie's 35th Anniversary Mattel Convention back in 1994. The event was held at DISNEYWORLD in Orlando, Florida... I was LUCKY enough to have been able to attend the show with some GREAT FRIENDS....

Anyway, I have these 4 dolls FOR SALE... not sure of their CURRENT RETAIL VALUE really - so what am going to do is LET YOU (INTERESTED PARTIES) DECIDE!!! Just email me your offer - and Best Offer gets the doll(S).All Dolls are MINT, NRFB and comes with their CERTIFICATE. MINOR BOX WEAR. DOLLS ARE: 1) Limited Edition Sale Barbie - Limited to 3,500 Only; 2) Brunette Happy Holidays - Limited to 540 Only; Midnight Gala Barbie (DESIGNER SIGNING EVENT DOLL); Gymnast Barbie - Limited to 1,500 Only.

Brunette Happy Holidays Barbie: Limited Edition of 540 Only.

MIDNIGHT GALA - Signed with Abbe Littleton (doll designer) photo (signed, too!!)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

getting together

a mensajero & an angel just hanging about...

Monday, October 19, 2009

an ANGEL for today....

just a couple of photos sent to me that I wanted to share...
Angel is from the Naked Collection: Purple Haze... Fashion is Cosmos MOD.
See More Angels & Fashions Here

Friday, October 16, 2009

it's raining NIKKIs & Odeco-chans

More Nikki & Odeco-chans should be coming our way soon.... we are now please to announce them.
First Up are the NINITA SPECIALS. We have a chance to get a few of these SPECIAL set. They should be available sometime this month.

Next are these cuties just in time for your WINTER DIORAMAs - Ponpon Hat Series, all ready for the chilly months. Along with them are the ULTRA COOL SAKURA wigs, available in both Black or Red colors.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jenny is Another You!

ABOVE: Jenny Dolls in Various Styles of Kimono Wear
With two of our roommates moving out (they have recently bought their own home) -- we have been going through so much boxes in our storage room (basically the third bedroom) to separate what needs to be moved and what stays...

So with all these digging, am uncovering so many of my boxed up collections, and could not help but take the time to go though a few of the boxes stored... I happen to have opened up mostly my Jenny Dolls & Friends Collection.... it was TRULY like seeing old friends again... There was the variations of Kisara (My Most Fave Jenny friend with her side glancing eyes!); all the boy dolls dressed in OOAK clothings made by my friend, Gary Fritts; Designer Jenny dolls dressed in Pierre Cardin, Hiromichi Nakano, Jill Stuart, Kansai, YSL, Hane Mori, etc...; and so much more... I cannot even tell you how wide my smile was... and as I write this, I find myself still smiling....ABOVE: Jenny & Friends

Can't believe it has been so many years since I had them shipped from the US to Taiwan as I was asked by the SHIN KONG Department Store to do an Exhibition for one of Jenny's anniversaries... Over 500 Jenny and friends total I flew in from San Francisco - Thank God they covered all shipping expenses, insurance included... (*_*)... and through the exhibition, we were asked by a Publishing Company to write: The World of Jenny - a project I TOTALLY loved as not only almost all dolls featured were from my personal collection, but I also got to highlight (and meet)quite a lot of collectors from all over the world... the book was also a first in that it was written in both Chinese & English... OH HOW I'VE MISSED YOU OLD FRIENDS!!!!

ABOVE: Special Jenny & Friends dolls made EXCLUSIVELY for Totoco, Noix De Rome & Toys R Us (Japan).

NOTE: All Photos are from the Jenny Exhibition, Taiwan. More Photos Here.

Jenny Yahoo Group: Biscuit Club

Friday, October 2, 2009

Reese & Jasper Completes the line...

I know they have been out in the US areas for quite some time now but they FINALLY just arrived in Taiwan a couple of days ago... Late but surely worth the wait...

So those of you who ordered the whole line from us, will FINALLY see your COLLECTION COMPLETE!!! Thanks for your patience...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

DG POP Susie @ the JASON WU Event

Those of you attending this year's Jason Wu Event - happening from the 1st thru the 3rd this month, be sure to stop by MANIKA's ROOM SALES as they will have a few Dynamite Girls: Electro POP Susie dolls (plus a whole lot more...) available for purchase.

This year's Fashion Royalty Convention's theme is "ICONIC" and is held at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Chicagoland (1551 North Thoreau Drive, Schaumburg, Illinois).


AUTUMN WINTER momoko line up...

Sekigushi Co. has release the PREVIEW Photo of the next 5 momoko dolls to come... and as always, they do not disappoint....
First Up for the month of OCTOBER will be OUTDOOR BOYISH, and her PROMO AD reads:
My days are like mountain-climbing.
It's cold, but let's go out with a mini-skirt and some trendy outdoor items!

Furry ear-muffs completes the look, here's a casual winter style momoko doll


Be sure to drop us a line if you would like to add her to your collection!!!