Tuesday, August 31, 2010


PLS NOTE: We will be away from the 1st of Sept thru the 17th.... some things will be coming in around that time, CATS Collection momoko & Odeco & Nikki dolls... plus more FR Goodies.... Not to worry, we will surely Process and Ship them out just as soon as we get back...

Feel Free to email us - but pls do note that we might not be able to get back with you right away - will try to check in from time to time...

So for now, we bid you so long for a couple of weeks - and we will talk with you all soon..
Take Care, Have Fun & Play Safe!!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

FR Monogram Fever Continues....

The newly announced Extravagance Dressed Doll & Escapade Fashion Set(a first in the series) under Integrity's MONOGRAM line is destined to be another HOT RELEASE this FALL.... Limited to 300 pcs each - these goodies are already Pre Allocated and are basically SOLD OUT through Integrity....

We are selling them as a set - you will need to purchase both doll and fashion together.... it just makes sense as we have such a low allocation on them..... And with that allocation being 10 pcs of each only - we are taking the ordering on a First Come, First Serve basis.... we will go by the order each email request are received... So Pls Hurry In Your Orders!!!


"Whether she makes a front row appearance or makes a dramatic entrance in some of New York's hot spots, she does it with extravagance!"

This latest addition in Jason Wu's FR: Monogram Collection includes:

-Completely articulated FR Monogram doll with removable hands, delicate facial screening and luscious rooted honey-blond hair;
-Stylish feathered hat with a veil attached for just the right touch of drama;
-A sleek trench coat, cinched just below the bust line;
-An up-to-the-minute cocktail dress with layered "frayed" detail on the skirt;
-Coordinating necklace and earring set;
-A fuchsia "bow" shaped clutch purse;
-Matching "faux suede" open toe heels;
-Doll stand and certificate of authenticity.
**Please note that the wig stand is a prop only and is not included with the doll.

ESCAPADE - FR Monogram Fashion Set:

The perfect look for any sophisticated woman, this gorgeous two-piece suit is ready for an escape into the Jason Wu lifestyle. "Escapade" is the very first FR: Monogram fashion and is designed to fit the FR: Monogram ladies like a glove!

This latest addition in Jason Wu's FR: Monogram Collection includes:

-Perfectly tailored, smart light gray mini tweed two-piece skirt-suit with structured detail at the collar and contrasting buttons;
-Lemon colored fitted sleeveless top with gathered accent at the bust line;
-Dramatic dark navy veiled beret;
-Stylish chin length redhead wig;
-Sleek necklace and diamond stud earrings;
-Navy blue velvet purse;
-Totally hot black leather sandals with ribbon bow ties;
-Certificate of authenticity.
**This is a fashion set only, no doll is included.
**Please note that the wig stand is a prop only and is not included with the doll.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here we go again: The Chill Factor

I know a lot of you have been waiting for us to POST and Take Orders of the newly announced Dynamite Girls: The Chill Factor Collection.... We are FINALLY doing so and am afraid it is BAD NEWS for a lot... many will be disappointed but AGAIN, another one of those where we have no control over allocations - Believe it or Not, we are getting 5 pieces of each doll only -- 5 PCS!!! We usually get about 10 pcs allocated to us per doll - each collection, if not a bit more... but this time out, am told it is not possible....

This is not even enough to cover the amount of requests we have gotten domestically alone.... so am afraid we will not be able to come through with most of you requesting these dolls from us... we are very sorry... we hope you understan - and that you will be able to find them elsewhere...

DO HURRY and find them where you can, as am told by Alain of Integrity Toys, that they all have been allocated to dealers and are basically SOLD OUT with them now, thus NO CHANCE for me of getting any extras..

"out of my hands"

This is in regards to the last momoko dolls Pre Order - the CATS Collection.... and brought on by a disgruntled customer - as we were not able to get her a Happy Cat (Exclusive to Japan Only)... we can only APOLOGIZE enough to her and all others who requested her - but as you all very well know, as with the Previous Petworks Releases - the allocations is out of our hands....

We are always told when we can post the new releases.... take orders.... send in our order... then a week or so later, we are given the QTY that will be allocated to us.... sometimes we get exactly the number we have requested but more often than not, a whole lot less.... especially on JAPAN EXCLUSIVE ones.... This is always disappointing and frustrating but at the same time, I accept as it is really up to Petworks what they want to give me... and for the most part, as disappointed as I am, the customers - they too, understand...

But I suppose, now and again, a collector really falls in love with a doll - and when something like this happens and they cannot get the doll - they get totally disgruntled and needs to rant and share their frustrations.... this I can understand... But to have it come from a customer who we have been serving for quite some time... whom we have had a good relationship for the most part... whom we were able to come through, not for all, but now and again - IT DOES HURT.... and no matter how I try to just SHRUG it off - it affects me, still...

So I need to make it clear again regarding the Petworks' releases:
-We can take your orders/requests for them but NOTHING is GUARANTEED till we actually get ALLOCATIONS from Petworks, and we CONFIRM your orders... at which time is when we ask you for you for your DEPOSITS/FULL PAYMENTS....

We are sorry that we INCONVENIENCE you... that we DISAPPOINT you by not being able to provide you with your request all the time - which can be very disheartening and frustrating (for us all)... and we can only HOPE that you do try to understand the situation - that Quantities ALLOCATED to us are clearly out of our hands....


So this particular instance is not any different.... I took pre-orders... I wrote that I will CONFIRM as soon as I get my CONFIRMATION with Petworks a week later - and that this is the reason why no money was needed at the time orders were placed.... and as always, the one LIMITED to JAPAN ONLY is the one most everyone wants.... 54 people ordered this.... and I was allocated 7 pcs..... and as always, I went by the order the orders were received and unfortunately she was # 14....

I sent out the Bad News email to the UNLUCKY ones on the 18th, the day after I got my allocations.... everyone's email was sent out at the same time -- and am sure the others can vouch for this..... So I feel, I was doing my share, and best, as always in trying to get the dolls we all want but clearly we cannot win them all....
We TRULY REGRET DISAPPOINTING ANYONE by not being able to fill orders.... of course, you are entitled to your own opinions/feelings/rants.... and you also have the right to take your business elsewhere.... this we REGRET but again, it is your decision and we RESPECT it... And we only ask that you TRY TO ALSO UNDERSTAND our SITUATION...

R&D Fashion Dolls

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Basic Odeco-chan & Nikki Dolls #3

CCS/Petworks have been issuing these twosome cuties are basic NUDE dolls.... much to the DELIGHT of most of us, of course!!!! The third in the series are now up for Pre Ordering... and DEADLINE is Sunday the 8th of this month..... Dolls are $55 each plus shipping - FULL PAYMENTS are REQUIRED....

See Other IN STOCK Nikki & Odeco Chan dolls here!

momoko CATS - now UP for Pre Ordering....

We are now taking Orders for these threesome cuties from CCS/Petworks.... But you MUST HURRY as DEADLINE for ordering is Sunday the 8th.... and Confirmation of Orders is the week after, the 16th - right after we get the exact allocated quantities... also when Full Payments will be Required. Dolls are $210 each plus shipping..... Left to Right: Happy Cat (Japan Exclusive), Beauty Cat, Lovely Cat