Thursday, June 28, 2012


What an announcement... Lucky are those attending this year's Comic Convention in San Diego - for Jem and The Holograms makes a comeback - BIG TIME!!!  Yep, Integrity Toys, Inc. in collaboration with Hasbro, Inc. announced the introduction of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collectible Fashion Dolls.

According to the Press Release:
"Inspired by the "truly outrageous" characters created by Hasbro over two decades ago and cherished by fans and collectors alike ever since, this nostalgic retro doll line is designed to pay homage to both the animated series and its original companion doll line, originally marketed from 1985 to 1987. Created for fans by fans of the rock 'n shock pink haired pop-culture icon and her outrageous world, this classic commemorative line will feature the high-end details, quality accessories and ultra-limited edition sizes that fans of Integrity Toys have come to appreciate through the years.
This first doll in this exciting commemorative collection will be JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Special Edition Doll: HOLLYWOOD JEM, one of the most requested animated-based looks. This doll will be available for purchase at the HasbroToyShop booth #3329 during Comic-Con International in San Diego at an approximate retail price of $125 and following the convention, at"
This is such exciting news, not only for those - like me - who grew up with this ULTRA COOL Cartoons, but for any doll collectors, as well...   with Integrity behind the helm, the styling and execution for these line of dolls are surely not to be missed....  I can only hope The Misfits makes the cut and get their own reinvention.....

To read more about Jem & The Holograms via WIKI:  CLICK HERE

..and just to wet your appetites, here's the 80's show's Theme!

Friday, June 22, 2012

PNNers & Susie To Rock at IFDC!!!

Once Again, am AWED by the talents coming out of the super fun dolly group of The Philippines, P.N.N., which stands for Pinoy Na Nagmamanyika (Filipino Doll Collectors)...  For the last few years, they have been working with us, donating their time and talents, for the Annual IFDC...  wowing LUCKY Susie/Doll Collectors who gets to go home with the year's FABULOUS OOAK SUSIE OFFERING - all for CHARITY, of course!!!

This year promises to be not any different, with not just one but 5 - yes 5 Fabulous OOAK Susie Dolls....  done by 6 of the club's talents...   some of you may even be already familiar with their names and work... if not, take a peek - you will be a Fan right of the bat... I know I am!!!   So be sure to look for them at this year's  IFDC ...   and Be sure to spread the word...  and the love.... for these talented guys of P.N.N.
The Fabulous 5
Check Out their Special Packaging....  ICONS of the DECADES represented graces the box... 
"It has been a tradition of RND Dolls and Susie to collaborate with the talented doll artists of PNN or Pinoy na Nagmamanyika for the annual International Fashion Doll Convention and come up with OOAK Susies for the charity auctions. For this year, in continuum with the theme Shake, Rattle N Roll, Rock and Roll Through the Eras, and the 10th anniversary of IFDC, RnD Susie and PNN came up with 5 OOAK Susies, Representing the eras of rock and roll. From the still well dressed and well coiffed 50's to the glamazonian leather clad rock goddesses of the 90's, Rock Disco of the 70's, rockin' flower power of the 60's and the hodgepodge of styles and unconventionality of the 80's, Susie was transformed over and over again to emulate the eras of rock and roll. Spearheaded by PNN's head, Matto 50's, Marc Vandro 60's, Noel Calma 70's, Pole Thor 80's and Cho:lo 90's, each doll artist went on with the challenge and translated Susie's versatility in whatever Era."
1950's by P.N.N. founder, MATTO
1960's by the Duo, Marc Vandro
1970's by Noel Calma
1980's by Pole Thor
and the 1990's by the recent CDDC Winner, cho:lo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tatyana & Sabrina Shipping Soon!!!

Just to let you know - those with CONFIRMED ORDERS (SORRY NO EXTRAS) that these two beauties will be coming in by next week....   and will be shipping to you soon... so do get those balances in pls....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nikki & Odeco's Summer Fun

The Twosome Cuties Goes to the Park
for some Summer Fun!!! 
The newest set, along with a cute new wig, in three color variations,  are up for Pre Ordering....  they are due out end of the month...  and Ordering Deadline is June 9th - so pls HURRY in your Order(s)!!!

Odeco-chan "In The Park"
Retail $110.00 / Deposit $25.00
Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012
Order Deadline: June 9th
Nikki "In The Park"
Retail $110.00 / Deposit $25.00
Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012
Order Deadline: June 9th
 "Little Braids" WIGS
Retail $32.00 / Deposit $10.00
Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012
Order Deadline: June 9th

Summer SEKIGUCHI momoko dolls

A couple of new momoko dolls by Sekiuchi are now up for Pre Ordering....  be sure to send in your order ASAP, as they are coming out fast... one by month's end even!!!
"It's a special yet casual moment with everybody's smile as the greatest gift.
Here's a momoko doll in natural and simple wedding style."
Retail $169.00 / Deposit $50.00
Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012
Order Deadline: June 7th
Dolly Dot 
"In a pastel colored bare top dress with a big bow, momoko doll wishes to be a girl who looks nice in cute polka dots forever."
Retail $169.00 / Deposit $50.00
Estimated Delivery date: Late July 2012
Order Deadline: July 1st
NOTE: As Always Deposits are Required. Deposits are non-Refundable & Non-Transferable... Unless due to Allotment we cannot deliver. Confirmation of Orders will Follow ASAP. Thank You!