Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jenny is Another You!

ABOVE: Jenny Dolls in Various Styles of Kimono Wear
With two of our roommates moving out (they have recently bought their own home) -- we have been going through so much boxes in our storage room (basically the third bedroom) to separate what needs to be moved and what stays...

So with all these digging, am uncovering so many of my boxed up collections, and could not help but take the time to go though a few of the boxes stored... I happen to have opened up mostly my Jenny Dolls & Friends Collection.... it was TRULY like seeing old friends again... There was the variations of Kisara (My Most Fave Jenny friend with her side glancing eyes!); all the boy dolls dressed in OOAK clothings made by my friend, Gary Fritts; Designer Jenny dolls dressed in Pierre Cardin, Hiromichi Nakano, Jill Stuart, Kansai, YSL, Hane Mori, etc...; and so much more... I cannot even tell you how wide my smile was... and as I write this, I find myself still smiling....ABOVE: Jenny & Friends

Can't believe it has been so many years since I had them shipped from the US to Taiwan as I was asked by the SHIN KONG Department Store to do an Exhibition for one of Jenny's anniversaries... Over 500 Jenny and friends total I flew in from San Francisco - Thank God they covered all shipping expenses, insurance included... (*_*)... and through the exhibition, we were asked by a Publishing Company to write: The World of Jenny - a project I TOTALLY loved as not only almost all dolls featured were from my personal collection, but I also got to highlight (and meet)quite a lot of collectors from all over the world... the book was also a first in that it was written in both Chinese & English... OH HOW I'VE MISSED YOU OLD FRIENDS!!!!

ABOVE: Special Jenny & Friends dolls made EXCLUSIVELY for Totoco, Noix De Rome & Toys R Us (Japan).

NOTE: All Photos are from the Jenny Exhibition, Taiwan. More Photos Here.

Jenny Yahoo Group: Biscuit Club


  1. FANTASTIC!!!!! They made me smile too! :)

  2. Flashback. I remember those pre-Momoko and pre-Susie days. I uaed to order them from dealers in "Barbie Bazaar" or "Doll Reader" magazine before I learned about the Yahoo Groups. I have that Chinese Tom and the Chinese Lina ... nice to see them, online, too.

    Thanks for the pleasant memories, Rudi!

  3. Great collection. I like how you describe it as discovering old friends again.

  4. @ fashionDOLLista - Thanks M!!!

    @ D7ana - yep - GOOD OLD DAYS... I sure met so many nice people from Biscuit Club!!!!

    @ Terri - Thanks! I wish to be able to display thenm all again.... and really photograph them.... working on it.... they really are "like old friends" to me....

  5. Biscuit's Club!!! OMG ... I have not thought of that in ages. Yep - Jenny is what lead to all the REST -- momoko, Volks 1/6 scale, BJDs... Thanks for reminding me what good friends I have out there!

  6. LOL and Susie of course! :-)