Monday, January 18, 2010

DOLLYSTYLE Convention Coverage in Taiwan

Over the weekend, I spent quite some time at the local bookstore in Taipei, Eslite Books, with a wide selection of books and magazines - not just locally but also internationally... and of course, much of my time was spent in the TOY & Hobby section perusing through the various Dolls & Toy Magazines...

While perusing Toy Garage #14 - I was delighted to see a 2 page coverage of the recent Dolly Style Convention in Japan... it was thrilling for me as I was not able to attend the convention... even more thrilling as in the photos I was able to see friends in the convention snapshots... was great to see Denise Travers and her SALES ROOM, Freddy Tan & his lovely creations, Franklin Lim Liao disguised as Misaki, and Integrity's President Percy Newsum....
So it matters not, that I could not read the Chinese write up, seeing the photos was wonderful enough - like almost being there... like seeing friends again.... TRULY, A NICE SURPRISE!

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