Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fashion Royalty 2010 Updates

Yes, after months of waiting - the 2010 Jason Wu/Integrity Lines are now unveiled with photos already out in circulation.... and the LINES, as always, are EXCEPTIONAL!!! It does get harder and harder to choose - doesn't it???

Once again, we are very HAPPY to be able to bring you the entire line for Pre Ordering... alas, as from previous years, the ALLOCATION is LOW which means, we will not be able to fill all the requests.... we wish we could... we are trying to get the numbers increased but you know how POPULAR the lines are....

Anyway, DUE to this our Fashion Royalty page - will be changing all the time.... with what is left for pre ordering... so be sure to check it out... we MIGHT just still have one or two dolls you are wishing to add to your collection...


  1. will you be keeping any for yourself? ;)

  2. Thanks for the notice.

    Gosh, they are lovely.