Monday, November 1, 2010

In Loving Memory of Joe Tai....Rest In Peace.

Woke up this morning with a few sad emails from close friends, letting me know that another mutual friend, Joe Tai, had passed away... Sadly, he had lost his battle with his ailment...

Truly A Great Loss in the Dolly World, as well, as my everyday world as he is actually one of the first few friends I made when I moved to Taiwan - over 10 years ago.... I have had the pleasure of seeing him in our shop in the early years.... many years were spent afterwards, helping him with his dolly endeavours.... promoting his OOAK dolls, in the shop as well as On Line.... and even had the pleasure of working with him on his INGRID projects - in her initial stages.... from some of the designs, right down to the packaging....

It was always a pleasure to talk with him... get a visit from him... and hang out now and again.... a regular thing that only stopped when he moved to China to head up his own factory - one that produced soooo many great items that became a staple on EBay and in our dolly collections - dolls, fashions, and of course, the fabulous accessories: SHOES GALORE.... After this move, I only got to see him at conventions and now and again, as he comes home to Taiwan for Chinese New Year... less frequent but still a welcome delight....

INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, FUN & FRIENDLY - those ALWAYS comes to mind when I think of him.... and will ALWAYS remember him by....

Fun Time with Joe, showing visiting Vicky (another dearly departed) around Taipei....

Joe @ R&D, with some of his early creations....

Joe & another famous force in the doll world, as they first met @ R&D!

Read More about joe tai and his fabulous creations by CLICKING HERE


  1. Very nicely stated, Rudi! He will definitely be missed.
    I was lucky enough to have interacted with him at a conventions or two. He was a great guy.

  2. I am so sad to hear the news about Joe Tai. I have one of his OOAK Barbie doll creations and many pairs of his wonderful doll shoes in my collection. He was so friendly and such a brilliant designer. Joe will be missed.

  3. I will miss you sweet friend, sleep well for we will meet on the other side soon...

  4. We brazilian collectors will be missing Joe a lot! The world is a little less creative and stylish place now =/ But a new star is shining bright up there in the sky.

  5. I pray and ask God to bless his family and friends! Truly a sad lost!

  6. Goodbye, Dear All...

  7. Thanks for this lovely tribute. I love his doll fashions. Nice to hear about him.

  8. Italy loves Joe Tai and will be missing a great artist and a lovely guy! Ciao Joe!

  9. Thanks for this note.

    It is always sad when someone young and so creative passes away.

  10. Thank You All so much for the loving tributes and notes.... this is one of theose times when it is really hard for all of us in the community - but also where we can show strength and support for one another.... *HUGS* to you all....

  11. A gentle creative spirit leaving much too soon. I am so sorry to hear this news. What can anyone say when someone whose work has touched and become a part of your life is ... just ... gone. I finally got a few pairs of his wonderful 1/6 scale boots that I treasure. I will treasure them even more dearly now.
    Novembers have so many sad dates.


  12. Hello there,

    I am Joe Cheng's fd who lives in Hong Kong and I have know Joe for almost 5 yrs but I didnt see him online in msn for a long time and I had a bed feeling all in a sudden today and I found this blog entry, can you please tell me that Joe is okie and he just blocked my msn cos I said something bad when I last chatted to him. please let me know via email and this is my email address

    many many many thx

  13. Hello, We are friends of JOE TAI. And just read your article and feel very sad. JOE TAI didn’t contact us after he found cancer. And We just learn he left us already. May we know if you have his family contact information? We want to go to his tomb and send him some flowers. Thank you. my contact information is Thanks a lot.