Friday, December 3, 2010

XP: Happy Hanukkah All!!!

Did not want to let this season's Festival of Lights, better know to us all as Hanukkah, pass by without wishing all of you, my friends a very WONDERFUL and SHINING Season of Hanukkah!

Truly one of the best Holidays I have ever come to known - i love the music, the prayer, the bringing of the family & friends together for the tradition of lighting up the candles for 8 consecutive nites culminating on a feast to celebrate the occasion... and not forgetting the 8 Gifts, one for each nite.... okay this part are mostly for kids, but hey, am a BIG KID.... simply heartwarming.....

Growing up in the Bay Area, I was Blessed to have experienced and come to know this Jewish Holiday... have even practiced the tradition for a few years.... and actually miss the tradition's ritual now and again....
PHOTO CREDIT NOTE: Thanks to Terri's beautiful Italicphotograph above... the BEST Dolly Chanukah photo I have seen this season... Great Set up & Editing -- Rabbi & All!.... You can see more of her photos in her WONDERFUL & Fabulous Dolly Blog: Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold Alway a FAVE Dolly Destination of mine!!!


  1. Slow going on Holidays this year ;-P

    Happy Chanukah, indeed, to all who celebrate it.

    BTW, Terri gold's photo is lovely.

  2. Great post! you don't see may Chanukah post!