Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 Integrity Toys Pre Ordering Begins...

So we begin again with some Integrity dolls still available for Pre Ordering.... Unfortunately, as always, with only a small amount of each dolls allocated to us - most of them sell out fast on Pre Order.... so the next few days, I will be adding here what can still be Pre Ordered... on most occasions, only one or two left are left - so PLS DO HURRY and get your orders in ASAP....

We start with the 2nd Wave of 2011 FR Monogram Release: 3 dolls in this collection - each one simply beautiful... and Limited to only 350 pieces Worldwide!!! So, Order Yours Now - Don't Miss Out!!!



Limited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide
Retail Price Per Doll: $125.00 US Deposit Per Doll $25.00 US
Estimated Delivery: Third Quarter 2011

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