Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Auden's Arrival

Late last week we got in a shipment from Integrity Toys.... Isha & Eugenia from the Close Up Collection - plus the entire lot of the INEVITABLE Dynamite Girls Series.... with the added introductions of a couple of Bois in the line: Auden and Remi... Of course, the first case I opened up was AUDEN's... it was LOVE at FIRST SIGHT for me - right from the PROMO SHOTS.... and even more so when I got him in person..... Just too cool... his facial paint.... his hair.... his top and sweater... just really my style... shoes and glasses included! I suppose, if I have to gripe on one thing, it would be the pants.... was just not too keen on the material - will be replacing that soon.... Guess that proves that, just like in real life, No One is Perfect... but this BOY sure comes CLOSE!!!! hahahahahahaha..

Took some shot the other day but just getting around to BLOGGING THIS as I have been busy processing and shipping out the lot... so here's my shots... ENJOY!

PLS NOTE: We do not have any for sale... Auden SOLD OUT with us (and just about everywhere else) on Pre Order... Truly the New IT BOY (Doll) in town!!!

Bigger Photos Here

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  1. Wow, he's really cool looking, Rudi. Real rock star quality, hmmmm? I love your photos of him. Thanks for sharing them.

    Perhaps someday I'll catch up with my Dynamite Girl wants. And yes, DG Susie is at the top of that list! LOL