Saturday, October 29, 2011

"In The City" DG Dolls Collection

With so much SADNESS, I REGRET to let you all know that the newly introduced Dynamite Girls Collection: "In The City" - is now SOLD OUT on Pre Order....   As always, the amount of requests we got in far exceed the allotment we will be getting....   I did shoot of an email to Integrity asking for an increase but sadly, all have been divided and allotted... none left to increase my allocation....
As always we SOLD them on a First Come/First Serve basis to the ones who ordered them as sets...  and now, we have no more extras...   even gave up on the thought of keeping at least CRUZ for my collection....  I would not be able to ENJOY him much knowing that I broke up a set and with thoughts of many disappointed collectors about....  :(

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