Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer SEKIGUCHI momoko dolls

A couple of new momoko dolls by Sekiuchi are now up for Pre Ordering....  be sure to send in your order ASAP, as they are coming out fast... one by month's end even!!!
"It's a special yet casual moment with everybody's smile as the greatest gift.
Here's a momoko doll in natural and simple wedding style."
Retail $169.00 / Deposit $50.00
Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012
Order Deadline: June 7th
Dolly Dot 
"In a pastel colored bare top dress with a big bow, momoko doll wishes to be a girl who looks nice in cute polka dots forever."
Retail $169.00 / Deposit $50.00
Estimated Delivery date: Late July 2012
Order Deadline: July 1st
NOTE: As Always Deposits are Required. Deposits are non-Refundable & Non-Transferable... Unless due to Allotment we cannot deliver. Confirmation of Orders will Follow ASAP. Thank You!

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