Friday, November 2, 2012

Winter Kimono momoko dolls

Petworks' unveiled their WINTER OFFERING - and I must say, both are really MUST HAVEs!!!  Yep, 2 varied Winter Kimono Dressed momoko dolls - A Brunette and a Blonde momoko in a nice Up-Do, with center parted bangs.
The dolls are due out end of November....  DEADLINE for ordering is Tuesday, the 6th....  Each doll ordered requires a $50 DEPOSIT, with the balance DUE as soon as CONFIRMATION of ORDER is announced Mid November....  All Deposits are non-Refundable or Non-Transferable.
Brunette Kimono momoko
Blonde Kimono momoko
Release Date: End of November 2012
Ordering Deadline: Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012
Retail Price: US$285.00 per doll /  $550 per set
Deposit US$50.00 per doll / $100 per set

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