Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Momoko Shipping Updates

London & Tokyo Kimono momoko dolls have all been processed and shipped...  They should get to you any day now...  Just in time for Christmas!!!
WUSPECIAL SUNTAN momoko dolls are FINALLY being shipped by SEKIGUCHI, INC to us from Japan... so just a matter of time and they will be on their way to you - Thank You for all your patience waiting.  Here's hoping they will get here to help you WELCOME IN the NEW YEAR!

CONFIRMATION for the Cats in the Dark momoko dolls have come in....  sadly, this time around we are not getting the amount ordered....  actually getting far less....  so as usual, we have gone the FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE RULES...  we are going by the order in which we have received your orders and deposits....   REFUNDS are being sent VIA PAYPAL to those who sadly, did not make the cut....  So very sorry for the inconvenience - allocations are never in our control.

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