Friday, March 1, 2013

1/6 Scale Open Plaza Hoodies

Most of you know that am a Biiiiig 7-11 Taiwan Open Plaza fan... How could one resist all the Cute Cast of Characters they have... And it is ever growing....

With it's Popularity comes merchandising, of course. Open Plaza has become Taiwan's answer to Japan's SANRIO cast of characters... With it's own Boutiques, Restaurants and even an Annual Parade!

I collect mostly their Vinyl Goods.. And believe me, it is endless... This week, I came across something the dollies can wear: Open Chang Hoodies!! 
These are Sold as cute covers to one's work or convention badges - even comes with it's own badge holder... But upon opening, I found out that they are sewn just as you would sew for all doll.,. And they fit rather nicely! Hooray!!!! So far, I have only come across. Blue version with Open chang on it and a Pink bersion with Momo chang - but I sure hope they make one with each of the characters!!!
BTW for those of you interested,  I did manage to pick up extras....  PM me on Facebook (!/rpteruel) or email me (  These are TRULY quite cute and are QUITE INEXPENSIVE at US$6.00 each.

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