Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monster Massive Invasion!

Tried so hard to resist...  But it was futile!! The collection so far....
I mean, I really like them and i feel they are a fun collection to have...  Still, i was not looking to start a new collection..  And from all the photos I have seen online, FB, and fellow vinyl collectors - i knew it is a massive line...

But that was just it...  With each photo I saw, I was a step closer to breaking down..  But for a bit I was safe as they were nowhere to be found in Taiwan...  And the ones I saw in The Philippines were outrageously priced..  I mean between $35 to $4US each...  Yowza!!!
I do not understand how things could be charged like so - not only double the prices, but triple!!!  Of course, I passed...
Then I saw a Taiwanese collector friend, Rika Lai,  post her MH purchases from Costco, Taiwan - of course, I inquired right away....  Not only a few made it to Taiwan, they were priced almost the same as the US retail,..   A few days later, I have my first three!!! Above Photo: Spectra Vondergeist, Operetta & LaGoona Blue
While at TRU one night with Juju, I decided to walk around the Dolly area and lo and behold, they had a few  in stock...  Decided to pick up this Frankie Stein, as she is just too cool..  With a push of a button, she lights up!!!!
Then a care package arrive from the Bay Area and Voila!  Franklin got me a 4 of them!!!  L to R: Ghoulia, Operetta, Skelita & Howleen...  
My Fave so far...  Hard to choose 1 Fave between these two: Operetta & Skelita...  Operetta is pretty in all her incarnations... She is actually my Fave from the get go...  But seeing Skelita in person with her Skeletal Body, she is coming in a close 2nd!  Happily there is only one Skelita so far but I am already missing at least 2 other Operetta.  Haiiiis...
...and of course one must have at least one mail doll, i picked up the only mail available in Taipei: Deuce Gorgon!

So I have 9 so far with 1 more waiting to ship in the US...  And with my BDay just around the corner, it might just be a Monster High year for me...  Keep them coming guys n gals....  :).  LOL!


  1. My sympathy, Rudi. I am torn on that collection, but I fear I will be following you with a few purchases. They are cute. Congratulations on the dolls you have.

    1. Thanks D7ana..... Come on over to the other side... you'll have a ghoulie fun time, too!!! :)