Thursday, July 4, 2013

Susie X PNN X IFDC!!!

Can't believe it is already the 4th year R&D Dolls is blessed to have the PNN talents extend their time, energy, creativities and talents to create some fabulous OOAK Susie dolls 
for the Annual IFDC festivities!!!

This year, these three gorgeous Susie dolls are created by MA'TTO of The House of Garci,
Pole Thor, and the duo behind Marc Vandro.  
Anna Karenina Susie by MA'TTO
Flocks of Fancy by Pole Thor
Goth Prominence Susie by Marc Vandro
Special Thanks to Cho:lo for the Lovely Photo shoot, the Beautiful Special Boxes they come in, and making sure they get to IFDC 2013!!!
Dolls are Donated for IFDC 2013 Convention Auction.  
Please be sure to look for them and not miss out.  Remember, it's for a good cause.

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