Thursday, March 6, 2014

For TAKARA Jenny & Friends Lovers!!!

Yes Folks...  as SAD as it is one must be realistic with one's collection always...  Trying to make room for new additions in my collection, as it evolves - looked around to see which dolls I have an abundance of and are not getting their fair share of LOVING....  And hand's down, it is Jenny & Friends!  Not that I have lost interest in them... I STILL LOVE THEM VERY MUCH!!!  But with over 400 in the collection - some just really MUST FIND NEW LOVING HOMES!
So I decided to part with so many of my extras and duplicates - started this ALBUM on FB that I will POST them in....  Already I have posted a selection of NRFB, MIB and loose dolls... and am HAPPY to say that a lot have found new homes to go to... it helps that my PRICES ARE PRETTY FAIR...  if not downright, GREAT!   From time to time I will be adding more.... so please KEEP THE LINK BELOW BOOKMARKED and CHECK FROM TIME TO TIME:

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