Monday, May 26, 2014

Integrity Toys' Spring Introductions 2014

So the unveiling has come and gone... As always to so much excitement and panicking amongst collectors making sure they are not missing out on their FAVE(s) dolls being introduced..  And one cannot blame them, as the lines are quite impressive..  Every single one of them...

Starting of with the SPY ACTION drama of the Poppy Parker line: "The Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y."   Every single one of the dolls are Must Haves I tell you.,  quite an exciting and Fun line.

NOTE: This Collection is SOLD OUT through R&D.
Then there's the Oh So Glamorous FR line...  6 Gorgeous Dolls in 6 Gorgeous styles that stands out individually and works Great together.  The line is called "Urban Safari".  This very much sought after collection, we Sold Out through Pre Order within Minutes!  Lucky are those who are getting one or two from the collection - to get the whole line is a Jackpot!!!
NOTE: This Collection is SOLD OUT through R&D.
The latest Wave of the Jem and the Holograms Series saw the introductions of 4 more characters to the scene, Clash, Vedeo, Danse and Regine - all great additions to the ever growing Cool World of Jem and Company!

Clash: She comes with not one, but three heads on a Quick Swith body
 - yes, three dolls in one!!!



NOTE: This Collection is SOLD OUT through R&D.


  1. Hi R&D, I got a request for a copy of my paypal payment and mailing addy. Is this legit :)

  2. Hello Super Cool Doll House.... if you have ordered anything - then it is legit... if not pls send me a copy of the request... email addy: