Friday, June 20, 2014

Susie @ IFDC 2014

As with the last few years, a few One Of A Kind Susie dolls will be presented and donated to this year's IFDC Auction  - the collection is called "Gems of the Red Carpet." This year's IFDC in Las Vegas is happening July 9th thru July 12th.
These Gems are from the collaborative efforts of some of the talented designer/ members of PNN and R&D.  PNN as most of you know stands for Pinoy Na Nagmamanyika (Filipino Doll Collectors).  

We, at R&D, are especially happy and Thankful for the efforts and support, year after year, of these talented members in donating their time and talents to bring some really beautiful OOAK Susie dolls to IFDC attendees.
Absolutely Amethyst Susie
This beauty is created by PNN founder and R&D's frequent collaborator, MA-TTO from The House of Garcia.  This is MA'TTO's 4th year straight  in creating and collaborating with R&D for IFDC.
Dazzling Diamond Susie
Get set to be Dazzled by the Dynamic Duo tandem of Marc Vandro for the 3rd straight year in a row, with their Dazzling creation!
Engaging Emerald Susie
Also coming back for the second year in a row is the talented Pole Thor - his creation oozes so much sexiness, one can't help but be hypnotized by her.  
Sensational Citrine Susie
New to the roster is the talented Lonix from The House of Kivan.  Am sure you will all agree with me in saying that Lonix's creation is truly Susie-sational in every way.

A Special Thank You to Cholo Ayuyao of Cho:lo Couture for the beautiful packaging and photographing the collection.

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