Monday, May 18, 2015

Integrity Toys' Newest Offerings

Yep over the weekend, Integrity Toys wowed collectors all over the world who stayed up and set aside time to be the first to view the newest offerings...  Four lines were previewed much to many collectors' drlight!!!

First Up, making it's debut - is one of Integrity Toys' newest lines for 2015, Katy Keene Collection.  She is of course, the famed femme fatale from the comic strip of the same name, from the 1940's.   For this premiere collection, Katy Keene will be accompanied by two characters (as well as Great Fashions and Accessories)  from the much loved comics - Lorelei and Gloria Grandbuilt - she is destined to be another winner for Integrity Toys and it's team of designers!

Then,  returning for the 3rd year,  are the bigger taller beauties: FR 16 line.  1 Anais McKnight, 2 Elsa Lin dolls, and 2 Hanne Erickson dolls are in the offering.  Each one just a fabulous as the other and even more so than the previous year released.
One would totally have a hard tome
To pick a Fave!

Poppy Parker was the third line introduced - and of course, still the mostanticipated  line.  The collection takes Poppy taking "The Model Scene" by storm in  the late 60's - with the clothes, accessories and styling just Right On!  This year, Poppy's  best friend Darla Daley makes a comeback.  And though Chip is missing, a new man is introduced, famed "Hot Shot" Fashion Photographer, Nigel North!

Last introduction for the night is the FR line...  Stylish, Classic, and very well tailored.  8 dolls in the collection and one would be lucky enough to get even just one or two of these beauties, if not all 8!!!


  1. Moan .... no, I don't WANT to WANT any Poppy Parker dolls. Ahhh!!!

    Kidding - thanks for sharing. These are lovely dolls.

  2. You are quite welcome, D7ana!!!