Wednesday, August 26, 2015

PW-momoko ae "STB" Thousand Summers

Rejoice!! This beauty will be "Made To Order" so you are GUARANTEED TO GET HER FOR SURE...  But must HURRY IN your orders as there is a projected  numbers being made...  Once reached, ordering will be closed!!!

We will take orders till the 3rd of September only!!!
PW-momoko ae: "STB" Thousand Summers

- PW-momoko doll
- Headband with Ribbon
- One‐Piece Dress
- Shorts
- Socks
- T-Strap Pumps

Doll Details
Face: Honey Face
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Dark-Green, Side-Glanced, One Upper Eyelash.
Eye Make-up: Pale-Green Eye-Shadow
Eye Brows: Pale
Lip: Shell-Pink
Blush: Deeper Blush
Hair: Mahogany-Brown and Soft-Black Mix, Twin-Tail.
Nails: Red

- Size: 27cm tall.
- Doll is made of PVC and ABS resin
- Outfits are made of fabric.
- Mold: Keisuke Sawada (sawada-kobo)
- Outfit: korori(Special toy box)

Release Date: April/May 2016
Ordering Deadline: Sept 3rd, 2015
Retail Price: US$199.00 per doll
Deposit US$35.00 per doll
After order Confirmation sometime in Sept, BALANCE WILL BE FULLY DUE.
Do Remember, an order is Not an order till Deposit is Received!
PLS NOTE: DEPOSITS can be made through PAYPAL
PP ID to pay is:
Note: Pls do drop me a line upon sending in your deposit.
Deposits are Non Refundable and/or Non Transferable.

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