Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Today's momoko China MFC 10th AN"

"Today's momoko China MFC 10th AN"
This model is specially made for the 10th anniversary of China momoko fan club.
Release Date: Nov./Dec. 2015
Ordering Deadline: Sep 10th, 2015
*Order Confirmation: On or around the end of Sept..
Retail Price: US$160.00 per doll
Deposit US$35.00 per doll

Do Remember, an order is Not an order till Deposit is Received!
PLS NOTE: DEPOSITS can be made through PAYPAL
PP ID to pay is:
Note: Pls do drop me a line upon sending in your deposit.
Deposits are Non Refundable and/or Non Transferable.
NOTE:  These items are small-lot production, so THERE MAY BE A CASE that we WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET  the quantity we ordered.  On this case, we will go by the order in which we received your placed order(s).  Thank You for understanding.

PW-momoko, All-in-One Outfit.
(The design and the print of outfit may be different from the one in the photo)

Face: Honey Face
Skin: Natural
Eyes: Blue-Gray, Left-Glanced, Two Upper Eyelashes.
Eye Make-up: Beige Eye-Shadow
Lip: Red
Nail: Red
Hair: Real-Black, Partly-Pulled-Up Long, Curl at the Ends.

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