Saturday, July 16, 2016


Introducing our first collaboration with BOSVO for FR Hommes, Ken and other 12' Male Dolls!!!   BOSVO hails from the Philippines and is the brainchild of  the talented duo, Anj Calvo and David Noel Bosley.  This tandem boasts a resume with many years experience in the fashion field.  This is reflected in their workmanship and fashion styling. 

The Premiere fashion is limited to 10 sets only and is available now!!!
"BOSVO" .01
Retail: $27.00
Limited to 10 sets
Available Now!!!
* Set Includes "Virgen de Guadalupe" printed tank top and Multi pocketed cargo shorts.
**Doll and Shoes Not Included!
Tenzin rocks this fashion,  a "Virgen de Guadalupe" printed stretch tank, paired with Cargo Shorts - a summer staple.
A better look of the cargo shorts.

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