Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here we go again: The Chill Factor

I know a lot of you have been waiting for us to POST and Take Orders of the newly announced Dynamite Girls: The Chill Factor Collection.... We are FINALLY doing so and am afraid it is BAD NEWS for a lot... many will be disappointed but AGAIN, another one of those where we have no control over allocations - Believe it or Not, we are getting 5 pieces of each doll only -- 5 PCS!!! We usually get about 10 pcs allocated to us per doll - each collection, if not a bit more... but this time out, am told it is not possible....

This is not even enough to cover the amount of requests we have gotten domestically alone.... so am afraid we will not be able to come through with most of you requesting these dolls from us... we are very sorry... we hope you understan - and that you will be able to find them elsewhere...

DO HURRY and find them where you can, as am told by Alain of Integrity Toys, that they all have been allocated to dealers and are basically SOLD OUT with them now, thus NO CHANCE for me of getting any extras..


  1. I notice that Lisa's CCC store (Australia) hasn't sold out of these dolls yet... maybe you can send customers who miss out there? They are very expensive this time though... (most AvantGuard dolls from 2009 still available at discounted prices too)