Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing: Pyon Pyon Nikki & Odeco-chan

Come Mid November we will all be welcoming the Twosome Cuites of Nikki & Odeco-chan in their fuzzy bunny costumes, as the Pyon Pyon Cuites... Blonde Odeco-chan is looking sweet in her pink bunny outfit, while Nikki (with rooted bangs!) is a great compliment in the blue version of the bunny outfit..... These two will be a GREAT TREAT FOR ALL COLLECTORS, FOR SURE!!!

Orders are now taken.... the dolls are $110.00 each (due to POOR EXCHANGE) or order the set for $200 (plus shipping).... Ordering Deadline is the 31st of Oct. SO Hurry and get yours in!!!!

By The Way - SEE WHAT"S IN STOCK HERE.... even have the new SULLEN Nikki Doll plus the ultra cool wigs....

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