Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing: Usaggie

A Brand New Intorduction from CCS/Petworks - the great people who brought us Momoko & the twosome cuties: Odeco-chan & Nikki..... Come November, a brand new introduction, will be joining their roster of cuties - Meet Usaggie!!! What a Cutie, indeed.... For sure, this one will be joining our collections, as well!!!!A Collection of Usaggie cuties in various clothing - bits and pieces from the various CCS lines.....First One out: Basic Usaggie Doll - White Version
Don't Miss out!!!! Get Your Orders In Now!!!
Ordering Deadline the 14th of Oct....
Pls email me:


  1. 1. Chotto Punk Odeco 2. Mermaid Odeco with a Momoko sweater 3. Chotto Punk shirt with a Momoko sweater and Ninita Odeco pants 4. Pom Pom Boushi dress and Momoko? scarf 5. Mirai Odeco's jumpsuit.

  2. Thanks.... they are indeed..... SHARP EYES and GREAT MEMORY you have there....

  3. Dear Rudi,

    s my lovely Usaggie arrival???

    Thanks for ur reply.