Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Men & More Coming our way soon....& FR UPDATES!

FIRST: The next few days we are expecting to receive the Dracula Sets, FR Monogram Dressed doll, as well as, Dominique's Metropolitan Fashion.... We will PROCESS & SHIP right away for those of you who have PAID your BALANCES.... for those of you who have not - pls do so.... Thank You! Still have a set of the DRACULA & His Brides Collection so do email us if interested....
Now on to some more EXCITING NEWS:

The rest of the FR2 (Winter of last year's announcement) will be released soon.... that's Engaging Elise, Rare Apparel & Impossibly Beautiful Dominique dolls.... along with them, the three FR MEN will be coming in -- Lukas, Victor & Romain.... We have been sending out announcement emails and notices for your balances these next few days.... do email us if you do not hear from us by this weekend...

We do have at least one of each of the above dolls available - so do email us if interested....

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  1. great, 3 new girls are coming :-), let me know how much should i paypal you after deposit.