Sunday, May 1, 2011


Happy 1st of May Everyone!!! Hope you are all having a Great Spring/Summer in your neck of the dolly woods.... Just wanted to give you all a bit of NEWS on a few things that has arrived, and will be arriving....

First is the UBER GOTHIC: Fan Vote Momoko doll....

We have Received, Processed and Shipped Out all PAID you should all be expecting their arrival anytime now... If you did not hear from us - do email us:


We are told by CCS/Petworks that the Pink and Shy Usaggie dolls have shipped to us last week... we should get them this coming week and you can be sure that we will process and ship them out to you all ASAP!!!


...and a few INTEGRITY goodies will be coming in as well, hopefully within the next two weeks... so we will be BILLING for your BALANCES - so we can just ship them out as soon as they come in.... we are expecting the following:

Count Dracula & His Brides

MAGNIFICENT: Monogram Dressed Doll

We do have a FEW EXTRAS of the above dolls - So PLS DO EMAIL US IF INTERESTED:

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