Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fun Vote momoko 2012

A new FUN VOTE momoko doll from Sekiguchi Inc is now available for Pre Ordering....   this one takes a 365 from last year's Goth Girl....  looking Sweet and Proper in her fashion, this momoko doll is surely to thrill collectors, the world over!!!

She is destined to be loved - how could she be NOT...   this version was VOTED upon the many momoko lovers/fans worldwide....   from her style, clothing look (the multi layered fashion she comes in equals more hours of MIX and MATCH FUN!); her eye print (side glancing) and color (light green eyes) and right to the hair color, style and length!  I myself, think that, the many who has VOTED did a Great Job!  :)

She should be available come end of FEB....   Ordering Deadline is the 15th with a Deposit of $50.00 - Upon CONFIRMATION of the total orders from Sekiguchi, Balance Payment with shipping will be DUE... 

Note: All Orders Requires a Deposit of $35.00US  - via Paypal... 
Deposits are Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable unless otherwise Seikiguchi company did not come through with the total amoutn ordered.

Release Date: End of Feb 2012
Retail Price: $169.00
Deposit: $50.00
Ordering Deadline: Feb 15th

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  1. Hi, I missed the pre-order deadline. Please kindly let me know if it's possible to order now. I love this doll very much. Thank you. (