Monday, February 27, 2012

Integrity Dolls Shipping Soon!

Some dolls are about to come in - hopefully first week of March....  so those of you with CONFIRMED orders and DEPOSITs you know what that means... BALANCES along with SHIPPING FEEs are NOW DUE!!!   Do Contact us to expedite processing your orders k....

BTW, some 2012 dolls that we do have EXTRAS of are coming in, too....   so be sure to CONTACT US if interested - don't miss out....  we have one or two left unspoken for of each of the dolls...
The Following are What's Coming In -
NOTE: the one's we do have extras of will have AVAILABLE next to it's name:

Holly: "The 5 & 10"
Holly: "How Do I Look?"        (AVAILABLE)
Holly: "People Do Fall In Love"
NU Fantasy: GRETEL
Moonlight and Kisses Darla

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