Thursday, November 28, 2013

Haiyan Typhoon Charity Auction & Sale

Most, if not all, of you am sure are aware of the recent tragedy that is Typhoon Yolanda, or Haiyan Typhoon, as more commonly known in the West.  Said to be the worst ever Typhoon in the history to date, it struck the Philippines and left over 7,000 people dead ( with many more unaccounted for) and left millions of people with Nothing!  And I mean Nothing!  No houses, no clothing, no food, no livelihood...  Thanks to those who sent aid fast - from all over the world - people are getting some much needed help...  But as we know with something as devastating as this - much more Aid will be Needed for some time to come.

We, at R&D Collectibles, decided to do our share - and with the help of our many dolly friends worldwide - we will hold a Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction / Sale come middle of December.  Now, we know that it means everyone will be in the midst of their Holiday preparations and Celebrations - but we do hope that you will take the time to look through and purchase something for a love one, family, friends or even for yourself!  It will just give your Dolly purchase a bit more meaning, knowing that your $$$ will help the victims of Haiyan Typhoon.

Donations are coming in from friends all over the world...  And they are all exciting and worthy of being added to your collections.  We've got dolls galore:  FR Alysa from the recent Integrity Convention Donated by the Vintage Goddess and a couple of Vintage Gene Dolls from Franklin Lim Liao - all dolls are in the USA; a very pretty Darla Daley with enhanced make up is donated by Danny Collectible from Thailand; and all the way from Spain, we are happy to get the breathtaking "Madrid Premier Beauty Barbie" - she comes to us from the Great Folks of Madrid Fashion Doll Club... 
We will also have a few OOAK dolls donated by some of the Great talents  from the Philippine doll group, PNN (Cho:lo, The House of Garcia, Pole Thor, Anj Calvo, Marc Vandro, to name a few...)  - most of you already know them online, and from my collaborative work with them for the past few IFDC Conventions - so those will be truly exciting to look forward to...; And we are truly hoping to bring you many more...  All in hopes of being able to do and give what we can for the Victims.

I hope to have the page up by the 15th of December...  And hope that we can have the Sale/Auction completed by the 30th...  Giving everyone a couple of weeks to peruse and do your share.

As I have done in my  previous Fundraisers, all monies collected will be donated to the Red Cross and UNICEF, for the Typhoon Victims, two of the most trustworthy organizations - am sure you would agree.  

So please stay tuned...  mark your calendars and spread the word...  Together we can all make a difference...  Happy Holidays!!!
PLS NOTE:  There is still time to DONATE a Doll or Two....  NRFB, MIB, LOOSE, PRE-LOVED - all are WELCOME...   ...accepting donations for the Auction and Sale till the 6th of December.


  1. Thanks for sharing this information, Rudi. I will see what I can send ;-)

    1. Thanks D7ana.... and do help spread the word around to your Dolly Friends pls.... Happy Thanksgiving!!!