Friday, November 1, 2013

Skellita's Turn!

In Celebration of the Mexican Holiday, which I love, Day of the Dead...  
Honoring not the Zombies but our dearly departed,
Skellita joined by a few Skull Bearbricks, gets a turn in the Spotlight!
Actually, out of all the Monster High Dolls issued so far,
Skellita - issued in 2012 -  is the one I like Best...  not sure why there is no follow up thus far...  maybe it is because the kiddies, TARGET MARKET for the dolls are way too scared of her....  but surely, there is enough Adult collectors who are IN LOVE with this beauty...
Skellita is  even the real reason why I ended up
with this much of a collection...   18 and growing...  LOL!!!
I only wish that this version was issued.., or maybe someone will be kind enough
 to make a Custom Version of this for me?  Pretty Please!!!

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