Sunday, December 15, 2013

P.N.N. X R&D for Typhoon Haiyan Charity

Biiiig Thanks and Gratitude I give my talented friends at P.N.N. - the dolly group I am proud to be a part of in the Philippines....   Truly a bunch of nice people who loves their hobby so much and are extremely nice and warm people who believes in SHARING and GIVING BACK - something I have always adhere to and have been happily doing so - doing what I can, anyway.
This Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale would not be complete without the efforts of these creative, and super talented members!  Actually, even in my initial thoughts about how to do this Charity Event - they have been in mind - as I always know I can count on them for their support and kindness...   and here we are, with some of the most Stunning, Unique, Lovely, & Whimsical One Of A Kind Offerings - all to Benefit the Haiyan Typhoon Victims.
Most of these talents below you all pretty much have heard of on the Internet: Facebook, Dolly Boards, eBay, etc...   Their creations have WOWED so many of us - both locally and internationally...  and some of you have had the pleasure of seeing and owning their creations through my collaborations with them for the IFDC Charity Events the past few years.
"Muted Saccharine" 
OOAK Susie Doll by Anj Calvo
"It's a confection for the eyes with a vintage heirloom feel of the crochet laced embellished with sugary micro beads with a hint of caramel colored tiger-eyed beads to give the pastel colored frock some texture.

Here face is hand painted and sealed with the finest acrylic and dashed with freckles to give an quirk on her angelic stare."

See more of Anj Calvo's Designs & Creations Here:
Bituing Marikit (Beautiful Star) 
OOAK Haute Couture Filipiniana Fashion 
Fits 16" Dolls (Numina, Deva, JS, and Sybarites).  
Created by Cho:lo
For More of Creations By Cho:lo

OOAK Susie Doll Created by Ma'tto Garcia of The House of Garci

"MESTIZA" is wearing a modern Philippine Terno, the national dress for Filipina...the gown is made of Philippine native cloth named "JUSI", mechanically woven from the abaca fiber or banana silk.   The hem is made from silk is embellished with lace, beads n swaroski crystals....the silhouette of the gown is a tribute to Barbie's Solo in the Spotlight vintage gown.
The doll herself, was enhanced by Art Ryan; while her hair was styled  by Rex Roxas  - fellow P.N.N. members."

Gown by The House of Garci
Make Up by Art Ryan
Hair by Rex Roxas
For more Designs and Creations from the House of Garci:

For other Fabulous Repaints by Art Ryan:

"Golden Elegance Barbie"
OOAK Barbie Created by Lonix 
From The House of Kivan
"Glimmer of Hope Susie"
OOAK Susie created by the designing duo of 
Find out more about the creative duo from the following links:

"Dorie: Daughter of Dorothy"
OOAK Monster High Doll 
Created by Miles
Find Out More about Miles through his Facebook Account:

Mattel's Teresa Doll as Philippine's 
ICONIC Heroine Darna!
OOAK Creation by Rex Roxas
You can find out more about Rex and his Super Heroine Creations
though his Facebook Pages:

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