Sunday, December 8, 2013

An Act of Kindness!

The Holidays are truly a Magical time of the year....  I can HONESTLY say it brings out the BEST in people....  Smiles All Around...  and Kindness...  and just yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the Kindness of a Dolly friend, Uriah Redden...
He contacted me with his generous donations of a Color Infusion D doll and a NRFB Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts Barbie Doll....  much too kind....  Even had a bit of an identity confusion on my part - to which am still very red from (but that's another story!).

Later in the day, Rob emailed again regarding a buyer who was emailing him in hopes to buy the Color Infusion doll...  He replied that he has already donated the doll to our Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale  and told me about it...  I had told him that since, I have not posted the dolls yet on the Charity Album or Blog - to go ahead and feel free to sell the doll he had listed For Sale before....  The Queen of Hearts as a donation was already much too kind....  Then I went off to bed...
This morning I checked my In Boxes, as I do each and every morning...  a few emails came through from Rob and his buyer, Gloria Kang.  Rob did sell the doll and much to my surprise, he still asked Gloria to contact and pay me... Rob (Uriah) still generously donated the proceeds to our Charity Fundraiser....   My heart was overjoyed by this act of kindness....  I cannot even express the Gratitude am feeling from this kindness....  but it surely reaffirms my Faith in People's Kindness, how Wonderful Doll Collectors are in general,  and the Power of Christmas - the Season of Giving!
From the Bottom of My Heart, I Thank You So Very Much, Rob...  God Bless!!!

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