Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sweet Freedom

"Sweet Freedom" indeed!!! After almost 4 months stuck in Taiwan customs offices,  Dynamite Girl "Sweet Freedom Susie" has finally been set free....  HALLELUJAH!!!   The dolls  actually had to go back first to HK, then back to the factory in China - and from there, they are being reshipped to us - one case at a time - So as to not get flagged down by Taiwan Customs again!!!

So far, 3 cases have arrived....   we have been sending them out to those of you with PAID ORDER(S) - Thank You so very much for your patience!!! - and are going by the order the orders were paid in full....   then we are writing to those of you with DEPOSITS for the balances....   so expect to hear from us any day now....

If anyone else is interested, do let us know via email: ..  We have only a handful extras... Dolls are US$70.00 each plus shipping.  Thanks!!!

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