Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Teen Poppy Parker 16' Special

These Fabulous 16' Poppy Parker dolls will be releasing soon...  
And we have a handful of them abailable for you to order.

And as a Special Offering: we will do FREE SHIPPING on them if you order 2 or more...  For this month of October!!!

We are applying the Free Shipping Offer for the Tulabelle dolls, too!!!
Now In Stock!!!


  1. Up
    I wanna by the second one with pink dress Popy parker and the bween in group three doll . Im from vietnam , can u freeship or not .

    Please give me the cost how much for one per doll.
    Thank for reading .and have goodluck.

    1. Hello... yes we can do FREE SHIPPING to VIETNAM..... pls email me: wtsrudi@yahoo.com or PM me in Facebook: Rudi Palma Teruel