Friday, August 21, 2009

Introducing...Poppy Parker!

More dollies that we are processing these next few days... the first of the Poppy Parker Collection... So far we have received: Pillow Talk, Summer Magic & 3 Hr Tour Fashion... I was on the fence about this collection at first, but seeing them in person - am a CONVERT! Love the ones I got so far, especially bob haired Summer Magic.
Pillow Talk & Summer Magic Dressed Dolls3 Hour Tour Fashion

Alas, all DOLLS are SOLD OUT NOW... only have 3 of the fashions left available.

Poppy Parker

New York City is just a couple-hour plane flight from the Midwest, but for 1960s teenager Poppy Parker, it might as well be in a different universe. She has traded hanging at the local malt shop and school dances for the glamorous life of a teenage fashion model in the Big Apple!

You can take a girl out of the Midwest, but you can't take the Midwest out of the girl. Under her fashionable hair, perfect makeup and fancy couture clothes, Poppy is just a simple girl. Will she be able to dazzle the city that never sleeps? So far, the answer is "yes"!

The Poppy Parker doll uses a brand-new custom sculpt with a molded eyelash ridge. Her body uses the FR: Nippon Misaki body with articulated wrists and ankles.


  1. Oh no it can't be true...all sold out!!! How did I miss this, I wanted Summer Magic!!!

  2. OH NO!! so very sorry Larraine... I really did not know you wanted any... still email me if interested in the others to come still k...