Thursday, August 27, 2009

these photos made me SMILE today!!!

was just checking out one of my dear friend and fellow collector's, Blue, FLICKR photos as I know how she LOVES taking the dolls out as soon as she gets them and photographing them... making them all come alive... anyway, her recent UPLOADS of Back to Basics momoko pair is just lovely to look at... and they really cracked me up how she had R&D Exclusive momoko from a few years back greet them upon their arrival... simply put a smile on my face.... I LOVE THEM! Just have to SHARE with you all..Back To Basics Duo
and she SWEETLY reminded me of this momoko article I wrote for HAUTE DOLL magazine a few years back.

Thanks for making me smile, Blue!!!

Blue's Flickr Albums Link


  1. Oh Rudi not only does she make momoko come to life but she also is a very good friend. She helped me obtain a momoko that was very difficult to get...I just wish she had been one of those lucky people who received a rainbow momoko set... as just think of the things she might have done with them... Of course she did create a rainbow group of her own of sorts, lol! You have to go to her flickr account to see what I am referring to... She is one of our best momoko photographers! I feel privledged to call her a friend!

  2. I agree! she is, indeed, one of the best momoko photographers we have around.... Thanks for the comment and stopping by....

  3. oh i didn't know she already got her back to basics girls! she deserves to have all the momoko releases, in my opinion. i don't know anyone else who has as much passion for momoko as she does. love that girl, and her photos! thanks for sharing rudi. ^_^