Tuesday, September 8, 2009

doll collecting, pinoy style

A little get together to basically meet some of Manila's dolly collectors.... What an eye opener for me.... not only did I not know that doll collecting is TRULY alive and well in Manila, but that everyone's collecting habits runs the gamut.... with just a handful of people who can make the IMPROMPTU get-together, the condo was none-the-less overflowing with dolls... all sorts of dolls: momoko, blythe, frs,dgs, tonners, genes, butterfly rings, barbies, susies, etc....
It was TRULY a very nice surprise!!!

More Photos Here


  1. i hope the dolly collector population in manila grows. :)

  2. Wow. Thanks for sharing these fun-packed photos. Dolls and food and good company. Neat.

  3. oh! that looks totally wonderfully fun!