Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Honey Wild & Lacy Modernist

A Couple of momoko dolls update for you all:

HONEY WILD is now IN STOCK.... we have about 3 pcs left... if interested pls do
email us...
LACY MODERNIST is up for PRE ORDERING... she will be coming in soon, too!!!
You Can See More INFO Here
Hope you are all having a GREAT WEEK!!!


  1. Wow, Lacy Modernist has the most beautiful, soulful eyes of any Momoko. Very delicate coloring too. I am surprised; I had not thought she would be so gorgeous. Thanks for the great photos of her.

  2. yep.... I was actually not too keen on the style at first till I got a better look of the facial painting.... LOVE HER EYES!!!