Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Many Hues of Hanoi (Hue) Susie

Am not able to get online much when in Manila but I sure am glad I am able to again, just now... I got to see a BLOG posted by Niel about his first Susie doll, Hanoi Hue Susie... accompanied by this beautiful photos of Hanoi Hue Susie re-dressed in a few clothing - with the first one matching her shoes just right!!! Great Shots Niel!!!Such a treat to meet you and the GANG, Niel... and I TRULY LOVE your Cory Aquino doll -- Philippine's Beloved Ex-President who recently passed away... Keep on making those beautiful UNIQUE dolls and fashions...

Neil' Blog Site


  1. Yes, Niel's photos of Susie are lovely. I especially love the one in the white blouse and the green skirt. I think Niel created that outfit, too. He's multi-talented. And he has a wonderful inspiration in Susie ;-D

  2. Thanks Rudi! I'm totally enjoying playing dress up with her and taking her picture. Will do that more in the future.

    And to Dana, above, I only created the skirt (and belt). The blouse was from the R&D's Berry Lolita fashion. :)

  3. again neil, enjoyed meeting you and seeing some of your wonderful creations... susie is indeed lucky, as Dana pointed out, to be able to inspire you to create more beautiful fashions... looking forward to seeing more of your designs....