Tuesday, November 24, 2009

and since we are on the subject of bois...

here's 4 more BOY DOLLS I would LOVE to ADD to my collection... these are all made by the Hong Kong Company, Hot Toys - makers of some of the BEST and most realistic likeness of celebrity/movie tie in dolls.
Top Row/Left to Right: Wolverine, John Connor
Bottom Row/Left to Right: Michael Scofield, Marcus Wright


  1. Oh, yes! It's cool boy!
    I I would like Marcus Wright =))
    I have 5 man now - Harley Ken, FR Homme Francisco, Volks OOAK by Kmiro and 2 action man world peacekeepers...

  2. aaaah.. you gotta add one of these guys - they are very realistic and well made.... MARCUS is a GREAT choice....

  3. My last purchase, remained sew civilian clothes =)))

  4. wow... he is a COOL one, Irina.... thanks for sharing....

  5. Oh yes, the Hot Toys male figures are HOT!

    I lucked out and got about five of the Hot Toys True Type guys in clamshell plastic packaging. One of the guys resembles the younger Prison Break brother.

  6. wow dana... what a haul!!! especially if you got one of MICHAEL - he IS on my WISHLIST!!!