Sunday, November 15, 2009

momoko News

Finally got our ALLOCATIONS for the from CCS/PETWORKS for the 09AWH Collection... SADLY, it is another TRULY SMALL ALLOCATION - so we will not be able to fill all orders -- and as noted, we are going by the date/time orders were received... the dolls will come in late next week or early the following - so all notifications are being sent now....
PLS NOTE: PEARL of this collection is an EXCLUSIVE to the PARCO DEPARTMENT STORE event - we will not be getting any of her.

Really sorry about these guys... Be Sure to see the DAZZLING WEDDING Collection - CCS10SS instead - they will be released Spring/Summer of 2010 and it will be a much bigger allocation, am sure.... Be sure to check them out as DEADLINE for ordering them is early Jan...

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